Take a Breath

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It is so easy to be busy. Doing our jobs, looking after our colleagues, children or parents takes a lot of time and more often than not we don’t feel that we have any time left to look after ourselves. Spending just 10 minutes a day to ‘take a breath’ will help you feel less stressed, more resilient and happier.

Resources to help your peace of mind

  • Pause and Reflect Sessions: click here for a selection of pre-recorded mindfulness sessions from 7 to 15 minutes long.
  • Reflect, Revive and Refresh: a pre-recorded session for individuals and teams.
  • Calm App and website. Some free bedtime stories and mindfulness sessions to help your children stay calm.  
  • Headspace App and website. Free to NHS staff with access to various resources and mindfulness recordings for adults and children
  • All it takes is 10 mindful minutes: 9-minute Ted Talk Andy Puddicombe challenges us to do nothing – really do nothing. He explains why it is important and what it may help to unlock within ourselves and as leaders.
  • Wellbeing Apps: Free to NHS staff wellbeing apps, including Liberate, Sleepio, Headspace, Daylight and more.
  • 5-min Me Space: Asking yourself questions to help you to develop a quiet mind and practice kindness and compassion towards yourself.
  • Creating a 10minute Pause Space: Guide on creating ‘pop up’ spaces for your team and colleagues to re-set, recharge and re-commit.
  • Managing withy kindness, civility and respect: Resources and advice on how to manage work-related stress.
  • Looking after your mental health wellbeing while self-isolating or shielding: These resources will help you look after their mental health and wellbeing while self-isolating or shielding using the 30-3-30 approach.
  • Five slide decks outlining wellbeing topics including psychoeducation, positive psychology and mindfulness, building reflective space and maintaining group care and relationships here.

1:1 support and counselling

  • Bitesize Coaching: These focused, single 45-minute sessions are for frontline staff and Senior Leaders and will provide colleagues with the opportunity to process experiences, develop coping skills and explore strategies to navigate challenging circumstances. 
  • Counselling: Free sessions for frontline staff, those working in residential care homes directly impacted by caring for people who have Covid-19 and people who have been bereaved during the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Mental Health Hubs: For people experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties who may prefer not to access the occupational health and wellbeing support that is available where they work.