Returning Well From Sick Leave

Ask for support | Talk to someone | Get practical help

As you find yourself recovering from illnesses including COVID-19 you may still be coming to terms with the impact it has had on both your body and mind. 

Coming to terms with changes to your health can take time but there are things you can do. 


  1. Pay attention to what you can do, not only on what you cannot do. This can help with coming to terms with changes in your health. 
  1. Don’t over do it. Notice how your body responds to work, exercise and other activities and focus on gentle improvements rather than pushing yourself. 
  1. Talk to your line manager. Adaptations can be made to your duties and hours. Support is available from your employer as well as here and through the national People site.  


  • Supporting your COVID-19 recovery: learn about your recovery and find information for family, friends and carers. You can be referred by your GP for access to the app for further support. 
  • E-Learning programme including videos for recovering from COVID. Topics include: breathlessness, cough, fatigue and exercise after COVID.
  • Long COVID: How to define it and how to manage it. Read this detailed leaflet from Oxford Health.
  • Watch this BMJ webinar with a panel of experts and those experiencing Long Covid.