Development Opportunities and Support

We have offered leadership development opportunities, resources and support for health and care staff across the South East from all backgrounds and experience levels who want to help create a more capable, compassionate and inclusive healthcare system.

We enable staff to fulfil their potential within their roles and our approach is bespoke, inclusive and collaborative. Through our bitesize learning offers, coaching and mentoring, local and national programmes we can help you develop the knowledge, skills, expertise, attitudes and behaviours to support the next steps in your personal leadership journey.

We have worked with you to design, commission and deliver the highest quality bespoke leadership development opportunities for your teams.

Independent and Bitesize Learning

We have designed and developed our bitesize learning interventions to be short and agile, with the ability to be accessed whenever it is convenient. These include:

  • Leadership Bites – Short learning guides to “learn in 20 minutes” about key topics to enhance your self-awareness and understanding, to develop your skills as a leader, including virtual leadership and leadership styles, and wellbeing for you and your teams.
  • Leadership Shorts – Short videos on key leadership topics, hosted by the South East Leadership Academy with leaders from across the South East to share their learnings and experiences.
  • Leadership Learning Zone – e-learning platform that enables mandatory training, with a more flexible learning capacity.

Regional Programmes

National Programmes

Leadership Development Programmes

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development programmes and national offers for staff across health and care, including:

  • Edward Jenner Programme
  • Mary Seacole Programme
  • Rosalind Franklin Programme
  • Aspiring Chief Executive programme
  • And more…