Coaching and Mentoring

As part of our commitment to develop leaders at all levels we have created an integrated Coaching and Mentoring scheme to enhance a leader’s journey through the system. Coaching and mentoring is open to all NHS leaders and those providing NHS funded care. Please view our leaflet if you would like to share it with your colleagues.


Mentoring is very different to coaching. Support and guidance of a mentee is often led by a more experienced, skilled and knowledgeable professional mentor. The emphasis is on developing the leadership expertise of the mentee in a work context, with the process of mentoring encouraging independence, autonomy and self-development.
Through embedding reflective practice, shared learning and improved ownership for solution-focused thinking, mentoring can deliver improvements in an individual’s performance that lead to enhanced leadership maturity.


Coaching is one of the key approaches through which leadership in organisations can be developed. It’s a method of deploying techniques embedded in artful questioning and appreciative inquiry to help leaders unlock their full potential to achieve personal and professional success.
Whether as a one-to-one focused and bespoke relationship or within a group context, coaching is often perceived as the single most effective development intervention our staff can access.

Our South East Coaching and Mentoring Register is an easy-to-use platform to find a coach or a mentor at any point in your professional career if you are looking for a longer term coaching relationship. We also have a number of bespoke short-term coaching offers that may be more suitable, including:

Bitesize Coaching

This offer is a one off, or up to 3 short, focused 60-minute session/s which will provide colleagues with the opportunity to process experiences, develop coping skills and explore strategies to navigate challenging circumstances. Supported by a qualified Coach from our Coaching Faculty to help you work through a specific issue or topic that you are dealing with to generate insights and new perspectives to help empower you and move forward in a positive way.

This can be achieved in a short space of time in a confidential environment where it feels safe to share vulnerabilities and issues that might otherwise inhibit progress.

For further information or to register for your crisis coaching session, please visit our Bitesize Coaching webpage

Safe Space Conversations – Covid Coaching Support for Senior Clinical Leaders

This offer will provide senior clinical leaders time out to talk, to gain support, learning and development through a crucial period of heightened demand on individuals and the healthcare services around them. Primarily aimed at executive and deputy Medical and Nursing directors, Heads of Midwifery and AHPs (and their deputies), Senior Clinical Leaders of teams or services, and clinical divisional directors or equivalent, these Safe Space Conversations will offer the opportunity to reset, bolster resilience, reinforce leadership skills and enhance personal effectiveness.

Here Peter Lees and Dave Thornton from the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) share the challenges facing clinical leaders and how to address them together.

To find out more and book a session click here.

View our Safe Space Conversations Video

“Looking After You Too” – Are you working in the delivery of primary care services?

This offer is for Primary Care staff in clinical and non-clinical roles providing three confidential coaching offers have been designed to be easily accessible and tailored to your individual needs. Experienced coaches can help you as an individual, support you to manage your team and reflect on your career goals and ambitions

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“Project 5” – Are you a Health/Care Worker?

This offer is a free wellbeing support service for our Health/Care Workers which will help you to work out what professional support you need during times of challenge, including coaching, therapy or other healthcare support.

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