Executive Coaching Career Conversations

What is the offer?

This offer is a focused and bespoke coaching relationship to support purposeful career conversations with one of our specialist coaches.

Executive Career Coaching Conversations can support you to make career decisions based on a deeper level of in-depth self-analysis.  You may benefit from this offer if you are considering your next career steps, looking to support your successful transition or want to create a practical career action plan.

Key areas of consideration in Executive Career Coaching Conversations:

  • Career review
  • Personal profile – Paying attention to your values, needs and aspirations
  • Your offer & brand – Considering your skills, knowledge, abilities, and achievements to best evidence your capabilities
  • Career plan – Devising a practical plan to help you achieve your goals

Who is it for?

Executives and Aspiring Directors are either employed by or working with an NHS-funded employer delivering NHS-funded care.  

Executive Career Coaching conversations are suitable for Executives and Aspiring Directors who: 

  • want to develop outstanding leadership skills and move forward in their career 
  • Are at a crossroads in their career 
  • want to consider their offer, brand, and develop stronger leadership 

How does it work?

You will first need to register as a coachee via the NHS Leadership Academy Coaching and Mentoring Hub using the registration link below.  

This link will take you to the Coaching and Mentoring hub home page where you can register as a coachee by completing a short registration form.

  1. Please register by clicking the button below
  2. On the left-hand side, click register as a coachee and select region, ‘South East’. This should let you into the South East coaching and mentoring hub.  
  3. When completing your registration form, in the cohort assignment question, (bottom of page 2), select this box and then select ‘Executive Coaching
  4. Click next and complete registration accordingly.  Once your registration form is approved by SELA, you will be able to log in and select the option to ‘Search for a coach now, and then you will have your coaching needs from your registration form detailed in front of you.
  5. Under the ‘Search by specific cohort’ option – please select ‘Show only Executive Coaching coaches’ which will then give you a list of trained Executive Career Coaches for you to review their profiles and choose from.
  6. All requests are aimed to be responded to within 2 weeks. If you do not get a response within this time frame, please let SELA know, by contacting us here [email protected]