South East Leadership Academy

Supporting Our Leaders This Winter

It’s important now more than ever to empower our leaders to look after themselves. Here in the South East Leadership Academy, we have enhanced our Leadership support offer to help you manage your own health and wellbeing whilst looking after others, alongside the “Supporting our People” section on

Safe Space Conversations – Covid Coaching Support for Senior Clinical Leaders

This offer will provide senior clinical leaders time out to talk, to gain support, learning and development through a crucial period of heightened demand on individuals and the healthcare services around them. Primarily aimed at executive and deputy Medical and Nursing directors, Heads of Midwifery and AHPs (and their deputies) and clinical divisional directors or equivalent, these Safe Space Conversations will offer the opportunity to reset, bolster resilience, reinforce leadership skills and enhance personal effectiveness.
To find out more and book a session click here.

Bitesize Coaching for Our People This Winter – Are you a Frontline or Senior Leader?

This virtual coaching offer, with an external quality assured coach, gives access to individually tailored support for Frontline and Senior Leaders. (Offer available to South East Frontline staff and Senior Leaders who are either employed by the NHS or working with an NHS funded employer delivering NHS funded care). Find out more information

Bitesize learning interventions

Learning plays an important part in our day-to-day roles, and we know that your time is precious. That’s why we’ve designed and developed our bitesize learning interventions to be short, sharp and agile, with the ability to be accessed whenever its convenient for you.

Here you will find a mixture of learning opportunities, including virtual sessions, group support, 1:1 support, work based learning and positive action initiatives in the form of 3 key areas;

  • Leadership Bites – Short learning guides to “learn in 20 minutes” about key topics to enhance your self-awareness and understanding, to develop your skills as a leader, including virtual leadership and leadership styles, and wellbeing for you and your teams.
  • Leadership Shorts –Short recordings of key leadership topics, hosted by the South East Leadership Academy with leaders from across the South East to share their learnings and experiences.
  • Leadership Espressos and Masterclasses – 60-90 minute group sessions, based on key leadership topics, which will be theory based and practical. These will also offer a great opportunity to network with other leaders across the South East and share your learnings and experiences. These sessions will be available from January 2021 and advertised via our Leadership Dispatch. Please contact us at [email protected] to sign up and be alerted to these sessions if you haven’t already.