South East Leadership Academy

Leadership Espressos – Virtual Learning Sessions

Welcome to ‘Leadership espressos’, our virtual learning sessions. These are 60-90 minute group sessions, based on key leadership topics, which will be theory, practical and experiential based. They will provide a great opportunity to network with other leaders across the South East to discuss themes and topics, and to share your learnings and experiences.

Leadership Espresso: Conversations to Build Resilience

These are unprecedented times, the only conversations we are hearing are those about COVID-19. We are juggling work and personal lives that are more disruptive, stressful, and ever changing with often increasing demands. This 90-minute leadership espresso is for anyone who wants to know how to manage sensitive conversations to support their teams and colleagues when working under pressure.

Leadership Espresso: Bringing a Team Back Together to Reset, Renew & Refocus

As we find our new normal and navigate to reset, renew and refocus, this espresso will focus on helping reconnect your teams after a challenging year, perhaps being redeployed or working on COVID-related projects. This leadership espresso session will focus on the basics of re-engaging and empowering your teams, re-contracting and the fundamentals of a high performing team. Part 2 will build and reflect on the experiences participants of the part one session have had putting the learning and techniques into practice.

Leadership Espresso: Understanding Trauma in Healthcare – What leaders need to know about how to support their staff and themselves

This leadership espresso series is for leaders in the NHS who would like to understand what trauma looks like and how it can impact your staff and yourself. Please be aware that these sessions will support you as a line manager to signpost staff to appropriate resources and services, this is not about training you to provide that support yourself.

Leadership Espresso: Supporting Your People when Noticing Burnout

Do you suspect someone in your team is burning out? It can be hard to know what to do. This 90-minute leadership espresso has been designed for staff who are concerned that their teams are working through times of extreme pressure. Individuals who want to know how to better understand their people in such circumstances and what they can do to support them effectively.

Leadership Espresso: Challenging Conversations

In this workshop, we’ll look at the important factors of what a challenging conversation is, what makes it challenging, and what holds us back and what can help us. Important elements to confidently having a challenging conversation include knowing your people, building trust, showing empathy and listening, whilst managing your own thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as those of others. You will be learning and sharing your examples and tips with other colleagues in like-minded situations to help support and each other.


This is a series of leadership espressos focusing on LGBTQ identities and mental health. These sessions will allow participants to gain insight and skills in assessing and addressing the needs of LGBTQ staff, including:

Rising Stronger From Mental Health To Mental Wealth

The world has moved on and so must our thinking and behaviours.
This session is absolutely not about challenging you to up your game or work harder, it’s about nudging you to remember who you are at your best. That’s not only good for you. It creates positive ripples that impact on your family, your team and patients.
Bouncing back is one thing, bouncing forward is quite another.

RISING STRONGER has individual and team resilience at its core.

Leadership Espresso: Giving Feedback and Receiving Effective Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is an essential part of any role, when done in the right way and with the right intentions, feedback can lead to outstanding performance. Giving feedback is a skill. And like all skills, it takes practice to get it right. This 90-minute leadership espresso has been designed to support you to give feedback constructively and effectively across difference, for example race, gender, sexuality and disability.

Leadership Espresso: Leadership Support Circles

Leadership Support Circles are part of our National Health and Wellbeing response to Covid19 to support the wellbeing of #OurNHSPeople. They provide evidence-based guidance and tools in a series of short, themed and interactive online sessions based on 10 principles for leading compassionately.

Leadership Espresso: Supporting the talent in your team

This session will explore how managers can keep their members of staff engaged and motivated during periods where stretch opportunities may be more desirable and appropriate than taking on more responsibility, learning opportunities, promotion or mentoring others.

Leadership Espresso: I, We, All

Join us and Coach-Speaker-Author Rasheed Ogunlaru for this inspiring and empowering leadership and equality, diversity and inclusion and masterclass.  This energising and interactive session invites on a journey of appreciating our individual, interconnected and intersectional selves, teams, organisations and world.

Leadership Espresso: Wellbeing – Looking after yourself and your teams

This short espresso session will be an opportunity to learn about mental health & wellbeing, understand stigmas of mental health and explore the impact of remote working on your wellbeing and energy sources. You will also have the opportunity to discuss & learn with others in small break out groups and share any tactics & tips to help for your mental energy and recovery whilst working remotely.

Wednesday 12th January 2022 10:00 – 11:30

Leadership Espresso: Leading Hybrid Teams

Whether teams are dispersed, together, or a mix of both, as leaders we have a key role in re-shaping our cultures so that colleagues can thrive and do their best work. The emerging extent of flexible and remote working is largely uncharted territory in the NHS, in which there will be pitfalls we wish to avoid and also huge opportunities to improve the way we work together.

This Hybrid Working series provides protected ‘headspace’ and ‘thinking time’ for busy managers to consider thought-provoking ideas, share views, discuss issues with colleagues, reflect on your own practice, apply your learning to your own context and ask any questions you have.

Monday 17th January 2022 13:00 – 14:30

Leadership Espresso: Making Every Conversation Count

Our teams are experiencing heightened levels of stress, pressure and ambiguity in both the workplace and at home, add to this the challenge of communicating and creating space for conversations in a virtual world. It is no wonder we can sometimes struggle to hold impactful and meaningful conversations. This 90-minute leadership espresso session has been developed to support Line Managers to have coaching style conversations and introduce how a coaching approach to managing others provides long-term development and support for others.

Leadership Espresso: Sustaining a Good Team Culture

This session will focus on exploring how managers can continue to cultivate a good team culture. It has been developed to provide practical tips and tools for helping teams to process and explore their experiences over recent months in order to move forward positively together, including how to design and run a processing or time-out session with your team.

The Art Of Being Brilliant

In this workshop series, we’ll look at how the ‘Art of Brilliance’ acts as the cornerstone of any personal or organisational change programme. We use cutting edge research, and simple, do-able principles that are applicable at work and home. We like to think of it as a personal upgrade that allows you to thrive in a world that’s doing its worst.

Leadership Espresso: Supporting Your People – Understanding The Managers role in supporting people coming back to work after long term sickness e.g. Long Covid, 29th September 09:30 – 11:00

We are living through a pandemic that most of us could never have imagined and we have seen increasing levels of absences in teams due to illness/stress/anxiety/depression and burnout, the question is now how can we best support our staff to return to work?

You will be invited to share experiences and commit to an action to take back into your workplace to apply your learning in a tangible way.