Leadership Espressos – Virtual Learning Sessions

Welcome to ‘Leadership espressos’, our virtual learning sessions. These are 60-120 minute group sessions, based on key leadership topics, which will be theory, practical and experiential based. They will provide a great opportunity to network with other leaders across the South East to discuss themes and topics, and to share your learnings and experiences. We’ve commissioned, curated and categorised offers which can be tailored to help with the support you may need now as leaders and line managers to help nourish, retain and engage our people. Providing them with dynamic tools and techniques to take back into the working environment.

Growing our workforce

Supporting the growth and development of our workforce

Midwifery Development Sessions

Aimed at Midwives from a band 6 and above we are offering a suite of tailored leadership development sessions to meet your current needs and challenges.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Influence, Confidence & Impact

Masterclasses that support staff to challenge discrimination, build compassionate and inclusive cultures and lead for social justice

Espressos that provide you with a basis for the behaviours and actions that will support you to feel and understand your own power and impact and its effect and presence within your role. Supportive sessions to build your confidence and understanding of what ‘resilience’ really means.

Compassionate & Inclusive Leadership

These sessions explore different aspects of inclusive and compassionate leadership, providing line managers with a basis for the behaviours and actions that support the inclusive culture of their teams.

Team Culture and Effectiveness

Masterclasses to support staff to create a culture of kindness, courtesy and respect


The introduction of the Integrated Care Systems has created uncertainty and ambiguity, especially during this period of transition. We have curated tailored support to enable you and your teams to navigate this new landscape and the new complexities.