South East Leadership Academy

Leadership Shorts

Welcome to ‘Leadership Shorts’, recordings of our short sessions on key leadership topics, hosted by the South East Leadership Academy with leaders from across the South East to share their learnings and experiences. Please also visit the “Supporting our People” section on for additional resources and support.

Byron Lee – Inclusive Leadership
Cavita Chapman- Sponsoring and Mentoring BME Colleagues
Dave Thornton – Executive Coaching During COVID-19 Lunchbreak talk
Guinevere Webster – 10 minute meditation
Simon Bird – Remote Leadership
Fiona Rodden – Self-Coaching: Looking and Emotional Triggers

For more content, please visit the NHS South East Health and Wellbeing Community YouTube page here.

We’d also love to hear your ideas for future topics to be developed. Please send us your thoughts and feedback by contacting us at [email protected].