Understand Your Needs

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Stress shows up differently for each of us and can be a flag for an unmet need. Yet in the moment it is often difficult to be clear on what those needs are. While rushing from one thing to the next we often forget to take a moment to consider what our needs are and who and what might help us meet them.

Signs of stress can be obvious or subtle and they are not dependent on the level of external pressure. You may be currently thriving in a high-pressure environment or struggling in a relatively calm situation. From one moment to the next your state may change dramatically.  All of these realities are ok and finding the right support is important.

Accessing support that does not meet your immediate need, can in fact add to your stress. Take the time to check-in with yourself regularly throughout the day:

  • How am I feeling right now?
  • What am I thinking right now?
  • What do I need right now?

Needs must be met at the most basic level before you can progress toward growth. They can be split into these simple levels and the level you are at will likely change from day to day.


We have created a PowerPoint presentation for ‘Understand your needs’ content which you can access below:

  • PDF of the slides can be accessed here.
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  • Audio recording of the slides content is available here.
    Time stamp: Introduction 00:00, The 5 levels of needs: 00:34, Description of the levels 01:16, Survival 02:19, Safety and security 04:54, Belonging 07:06, Self-esteem 09:19, Growth 11:43, Always remember 13:50