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The focus is on feeling isolated and a need to reconnect. It is a strong need to be included and accepted as part of the wider group.

Your needs are: Feeling included in family, team, community and treated fairly.

Things that might help

  • Take the time to connect with others in your team, loved ones and beyond. When we are under pressure this can seem less important, but taking time to do this can actually make you more effective, productive and happier.
  • Talk to your Inclusion lead if you are feeling excluded in your workplace. They can suggest networks and groups, both local and virtual, of others with similar experiences.
  • Consider your personal values and interests and look for groups linked to those whether in the work or personal environment. You could even set up your own groups for others like you.


  • Team support: Resources are available nationally, regionally and locally to help your team feel more connected. Guides, expert input and regular time to reconnect.
  • Confidential 1:1 support: Counselling can be helpful to process experiences that disconnect us, feelings of loneliness and grief, or to develop practical solutions through coaching. Regular or fast-track bitesize coaching can help too.
  • Group listening sessions can be a helpful way to connect with others. Simple training is on its way on this site to run your own, or join national or regional groups based on interests or common experiences and practice. Email us to find out more.
  • Leadership Restorative groups – The Leadership Restoration group process brings together a group of leaders in need of wellbeing support. These confidential spaces offer leaders the opportunity to speak openly about their feelings and concerns and support one another without the pressure to solve anyone’s problems. For more information and to sign up click here.