Looking After our People

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It is OK to not feel OK.

As we continue to experience a deeply challenging and uncertain environment, and as increasing demands on our time, attention, energy and capacity may become detrimental to health and well-being, we are sharing again our current portfolio of opportunities with additional resources that have been designed to respond to theses pressures. While it’s normal to struggle at the moment, look out for signs in yourself and others of more significant distress so that support can be accessed. Difficult experiences can lead to growth with the right support.

We’ve commissioned, curated and categorised support which can be tailored to help with what you may need now as leaders and line managers to help nourish, retain and engage our people. What we offer below we hope is balanced, meaningful support for the multiple demands, and the ongoing pressures we are facing. For those that can, that want to, or those that feel inspired to try, we also have more experiential, longer form programmes that seek to continue elevate our collective practice of leadership that can respond to crisis, but that is rooted in hope

What you need changes all the time. You can access help to clarify what support you need. Taking the time to talk to someone about your worries can get you the right help at the right time. Everyone needs support and it’s a sign of strength to ask for help.

On these pages you will find concise tips, resources and signposting to help you find the right support for you and your teams for right now and beyond.

We are constantly adding to these resources, with new target groups planned. If you cannot find the resources or help you need, use the search bar above or contact one of our team [email protected].

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