Staying Well & Vaccinations

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Staying well is more important than ever at times of uncertainty and change. There are lots of helpful things you can do to reduce anxiety and stress, combat low mood and increase self-esteem. The most important thing to consider, is finding something that you enjoy and can continue to use.

South East Regional Health and Wellbeing (HWB) of Vaccinators

Action learning sets to support managers around staff vaccination

About the session:

We have all been very aware of the deadline surrounding the policy that all frontline NHS should be vaccinated against Covid 19. The number of people implicated in this has been far from negligible and the emotional impact that this deadline has had on the broader workforce potentially very significant.

While guidance continues to emerge in this space, the impact of the current situation, and the emotions it has surfaced, has the potential to be particularly challenging from a managerial perspective, whether you are a line manager, an HR professional, or a senior leader in a provider setting. And the impact of all of this has the potential to ripple out from those directly affected to those in their wider teams and beyond.

NHS England and NHS Improvement – COVID Vaccine Hesitancy videos

The video clips below highlight the fears, uncertainties and hopes of staff and other stakeholders about the COVID-19 vaccination programme. These can help encourage shared learning, debate, reduce stigma and increase collaborative thinking about the South East vaccination programme.