South East Leadership Academy


Ask for support | Talk to someone | Get practical help

The focus is on being appreciated and respected. A need for personal accomplishments and recognition which can be met in work and outside.

Your needs are: Feeling valued by those around you and included in decisions.

Things that might help

  • Be clear about your contribution. Agree clear objectives and tasks and review them regularly. Consider prioritisation and boundaries. It is ok to say no to people. You can’t do everything.
  • Communicate your value. Take the time to consider your unique contribution and value. Share with your team how you can best play your part and what helps you to do that.
  • Make time for people who appreciate you. Whether that is in or outside work, surrounding yourself with people who value you helps increase your resourcefulness, creativity and more. Share with others what you value about them as compassion and empathy for others helps too.


  • Confidential 1:1 support: Counselling can be helpful when our sense of self-worth is low. Regular or fast-track bitesize coaching can help to identify and grow your value and sense of achievement.
  • Diagnostics can help to better understand personal strengths, communication styles and responses to stress. Your employer will have some simple tools or you can try Myers-Briggs, Healthcare Leadership Model and other tools here.
  • Use simple tools to improve your productivity: Consider tools like the #HAY guide, #ProjectM, bitesize learning and leadership espressos.