South East Leadership Academy


Ask for support | Talk to someone | Get practical help

The focus is on the most fundamental needs. If these are not met any offers of support for the higher levels are likely to be unhelpful.

Your needs are: food and water, shelter, sleep, childcare, money. 

Things that might help

  • Break things down: Split things into bite-sized chunks. Look at the next hour or today instead of the next month. The next patient, the next meeting rather than the whole week.
  • You are not alone: Ask for help even if you don’t have a specific ask. Share your problem and let others offer. It can feel scary but there are always other people who want to help you.
  • Get the basics: Ensure you are fed, watered, toileted and sleep regularly. Sometimes in this mode we forget or cannot meet our basic needs. Take breaks, step away even if only for 10 minutes. Take three slow breaths. Ask someone to bring you a drink or have a chat.


  • Help with the basics: Get support arranging local accommodation, taxis, food parcels and more. Access volunteers who can help with shopping or transport. Contact your local Health and Wellbeing team, email us to find out who they are.
  • Talk to someone: Arrange a wellbeing conversation with your manager. Your employer likely has a simple guide or you can access some key questions here. Get confidential 1:1 support via phone, text or video call locally or here.
  • Wellbeing spaces: Your site may have a wellbeing area where you can decompress. If you cannot get there, ask them to bring you a drink or snack.