South East Leadership Academy


Ask for support | Talk to someone | Get practical help

The focus is on achieving our full potential and purpose. A need for autonomy, personal growth, self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Your needs are: Inspiration, creativity, learning, greater goal, legacy.

Things that might help

  • A clear purpose and priorities. This can help you be more productive, innovative and creative in your problem solving. Discuss them with your manager and ensure they are realistic and enable a good work-life balance.
  • Consider your own development. Reflect on your behaviours, attitudes, values and motivations. Think about your next stretch and how you can learn through your work.
  • Connect with others with similar values. This can be very reaffirming and can be done by talking to your team about your values, joining networks and groups in work and outside.


  • Protect regular time to motivate yourself: Consider your personal values and drivers. Inspiring learning and leadership guides and espressos, videos and time to reflect on your own and with others.
  • Coaching and mentoring: For emergent issues consider quick-access to bitesize sessions, or set up a more formal relationship.
  • Register with talent pools: Make it known that you are looking for growth. This may be within your current role with a stretch assignment, a secondment or career progression. Talk to your line manager and have a talent conversation.