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Further Information- Bitesize Coaching

Bitesize Coaching For Our People This Winter

Here in the South East Leadership Academy, we recognise that Leaders are currently facing many challenges, which is why we are supporting you with this Bitesize Coaching offer this winter. Please view our flyer about this offer and if you would like to share it with your colleagues.

What is Bitesize Coaching?

This is a short, focused, single 45-minute session which will provide colleagues with the opportunity to process experiences, develop coping skills and explore strategies to navigate challenging circumstances. Supported by a qualified external coach to help you work through a specific issue or topic that you are dealing with to generate insights and new perspectives to help empower you and move forward in a positive way.

This can be achieved in a short space of time in a confidential environment where it feels safe to share vulnerabilities and issues that might otherwise inhibit progress.

Our Coaches are completely independent to your organisation and anything discussed is completely confidential.    

What topics can I bring to coaching?

Every coachee has their own unique challenges so people using this service will do so for a whole host of reasons, which might include the following:

  • Impact of winter pressures, such as stress, overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Tensions with colleagues, stakeholders or people they lead
  • A new role, a new team or additional responsibilities
  • Increasing pressure, complexity and ambiguity
  • Juggling competing workloads
  • Impending difficult conversations
  • Uncertainty about what to do next
  • Issues with confidence, impostor syndrome or managing boundaries
  • Simply wanting to feel heard and understood in a non-judgemental way

Who is it for?

All staff working in the South East in Frontline and/or Leadership roles. You will be either employed by the NHS or working with an NHS funded employer delivering NHS funded care in clinical or non-clinical roles.

How does it work?

You can register and book a coaching session via the booking link below.  We will respond to all requests within 5 working days and offer you a 45-minute coaching session booked within 7 working days. Sessions will be delivered within normal working hours; Monday to Friday.

Coachees will be contacted a maximum of three times to book a session and if there is no response, or a suitable time cannot be agreed, the session will be withdrawn so that it can be offered to someone else.

The sessions will be delivered virtually, preferably via an online video platform, but telephone appointments are also available. You will receive a follow-up email with details of further wellness support after your coaching session.

Important: Cancellations

Any session cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment cannot be rebooked. Please note that this is an NHS funded service, and there is a cost to each coaching session that cannot be recovered if a session is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. If cancelled before that time the session can be offered to another NHS member of staff.

Please make every effort to attend your session on time, as you will not be able to run over your allocated slot of 45 minutes. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a session it will be treated as a cancellation.

What happens to my information?

Your data will be treated with strictest confidence and in line with GDPR legislation. For evaluation purposes, all data collected will be anonymised and aggregated so that individual respondents cannot be identified. Participation in evaluation activities is voluntary and will not affect the level of support you receive. This service is delivered in partnership with The Affinity Coach

For more information, please visit NHS Improvement Privacy Notice at Privacy | NHS Improvement.

For further information on the Privacy Policy of The Affinity Coach, please visit The Affinity Coach Website

How has Bitesize Coaching helped our colleagues?

“It is a really useful way to be able to discuss issues in a confidential and non-judgemental way. I found that some of the ideas were there already – I just needed to be able to voice them. This is a really useful tool for leaders to be able to access.”

“Being able to discuss and share my thoughts and feelings about something that I’ve been finding challenging for some time has allowed me to step back and see the path I need to take more clearly.”

“In just one coaching session, I feel that this was an excellent opportunity for me to develop my leadership skills and really embed what is being taught on training. Rarely do we get a time-out to work on ourselves as leaders and reflect on our impact on others and the trust.”

Help us

We have put together a flyer with all of the information on Bitesize Coaching for you to download and circulate amongst your frontline and/or leadership staff.

You can also help us by tweeting us @SELA_NHS to share how your session helped you, or by contacting us at [email protected].