Systems and Relational Leadership Modules

The Leadership Learning Academy has developed ten Systems and Relational leadership modules in partnership with Tricordant. The resources are for leaders in health and care looking to learn more about leading and working collaboratively across organisational, professional and sector boundaries to improve healthcare and wellbeing for their population.   

Each module contains: 

  1. An introduction with links to practical tools and further reading 
  1. A short video  
  1. Reflective diary questions to consider individually or with others.   

The modules can be dipped into as and when it’s convenient or relevant and are open to colleagues from the NHS, primary care, local authority, voluntary and independent sectors.

How to access:

The Modules are available through the Leadership Learning Zone (LLZ). Please sign up by clicking on the following link:

For more information including a list of modules available, please download the flyer below.

For more information about this e-learning resource, please see our website here.