Integrated Care Systems (ICS)

What is an integrated care system and what does it mean to me?

Integrated care systems (ICSs) are geographically based partnerships that bring together providers and commissioners of NHS services with local authorities and other local partners to plan, co-ordinate and commission health and care services. They are part of a fundamental shift in the way the health and care system is organised – away from competition and organisational autonomy and towards collaboration, with health and care organisations working together to integrate services and improve population health

The Health and Care Bill will place ICSs on a statutory footing from July 2022, with significant expansion in collective accountabilities and responsibilities for partnership bodies.

The diagram uses the framework of system, place and neighbourhood to explain how organisations will contribute to system working at these different levels. Many organisations will work across more than one level, while there will be variation in ways of working between ICSs given their different sizes and how they have developed. This flexibility is an important feature of ensuring ICSs can work effectively to meet local needs.

What is the South East Leadership Academy’s role to play in the development of the ICSs

To support NHS colleagues through the Health and Care Act 2022, we have created a range of useful resources for NHS leaders working across the South East.

Uncertainty and ambiguity during transition periods can impact us personally on a variety of levels and we aim to support leaders by providing helpful and practical interventions to support our leaders during this time.

We’ve curated support which can be tailored to help provide you with support both now and into the medium and longer term.

Additional resources to help: