Leadership Dispatch – October 2022

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Welcome to our October edition of the Leadership Dispatch.

This month we celebrate black history month and reflect on both the incredible work that we have been honoured to be involved in across our health and care systems in the South East and the work that is still to come. The NHS Long Term Plan describes a vision where people from all backgrounds belong and feel safe and healthy and the Messenger review earlier this year highlights a key need for health and care leadership to be more diverse. This week we join with our London colleagues to offer our “Model Black”  event with leading speaker, Barbara Banda telling us what the experience of black leaders can teach us all about belonging and next week to welcome Patrick Vernon for the 100 Great Black Britons session. Vernon has been editor for the Black History Month magazine, the Windrush Commemorative magazine and was made Pioneer of the Nation for Cultural History by her late Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II in 2003.

As we hold to our vision of equality and justice across our health and care system, we also look to the horizon to what we know will be a difficult winter for many. During this time leaders can continue to access our bite sized learning offers with short and pre-recorded content and we continue to put on leadership offers to support the challenges faced by all our leaders, including those in primary care and on the front line.

Please explore our attached calendar of events that showcases our range of offers available to you.

Some of our upcoming highlights:

Population Health Management

COVID19 has brought to wider consciousness inequalities in different areas from healthcare to technology. Population health brings significant concerns into focus and introduces ways that resources can be allocated to overcome problems that drive poor health conditions. This programme of masterclasses will support individuals and teams to have a solid understanding of Population Health Management and the importance of it in addressing inequalities, workforce planning and embedding population health with your system.

Coaching for Improvement Programme

This programme has been designed for colleagues working in roles and projects which involve Quality Improvement (QI), with a focus upon developing participants’ leadership effectiveness for QI through the application of a coaching approach.

Growing your workforce

We know that recruiting and retaining talent is becoming more competitive, how can we as leaders work to retain our current workforce and inclusively support them to progress within the NHS. We believe it is critical for line managers and leaders to recognise that they are part of a bigger system, to develop the skills and confidence to build their team, maximise retention, and grow talent. They also need to recognise where their organisation is responsible and areas where they may not be able to influence.

Growing Occupational Health and Wellbeing (OHWB) Together

As part of the new Growing Occupational Health and Wellbeing (OHWB) Together strategy, NHS England has committed to continue to invest in our NHS employed multi-professional OHWB community, including supporting our wider healthcare professionals who are interested in a career in occupational health, to safely begin practicing in occupational health and occupational medicine. Please click the above link to see an updated prospectus in word format which outlines the occupational health and wellbeing offers currently available and how to book/express an interest. I would like to draw your attention to the recently added dates for the short development courses for OHWB professionals which are now available to book, these will continually be added to based on demand and feedback.

Learning and Career Development Survey

The Learning and Career Development Survey is currently live. The survey gives us real insights into the learning and career development needs and aspirations of staff across health and care and is used to inform the work we do within Talent, Leadership and Lifelong Learning.

Ongoing offers and support:

Coaching and Mentoring – South East Leadership Academy

As part of our commitment to developing leaders at all levels we have created an integrated Coaching and Mentoring scheme to enhance a leader’s journey through the system. Coaching and mentoring is open to all NHS leaders and those providing NHS funded care.

Bitesize Coaching Winter offer – South East Leadership Academy

We recognise that the coming months will prove challenging, and we know how vital it is to support our people during these times. Here ar the South East Leadership Academy, we are committed to supporting you this winter by continuing to offer Bitesize Coaching.

Bitesize coaching provides you and your colleagues, whatever your role, a chance to pause and create space to breathe in a safe environment enabling you to discover immediate coping strategies and build long-term plans to manage yourself and your teams in challenging circumstances.

Inclusive Coaching – South East Leadership Academy

We have a faculty of experienced & qualified coaches who support our offer of coaching for inclusion and allyship.  These coaches have all received specialist development and are committed to providing coaching which can positively and effectively coach people who may have very different needs, whilst recognising inequality and promoting inclusion

This offer is for up to 6 or as agreed, focused 60-minute sessions which will provide colleagues with the opportunity to support working with difference and supporting inclusivity and change, contributing to an inclusive culture, and developing self-awareness and personal development  

Please see our SELA Offer deck that showcases our full range of offers

If you have any questions or would like to chat through any of the above, do feel free to get in touch with our team by contacting us via [email protected].

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