Leadership Dispatch – 22 September 2022

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Welcome to our September edition of the Leadership Dispatch. 

This week I have been thinking of our future and the work that the South East Leadership Academy is doing to support the NHS as we move towards winter. We know we are looking at a tough and challenging time for the staff of the NHS with diseases and bugs that were suppressed during the pandemic expected to spike, causing an increase in patient numbers and sickness absence of staff. Staff who have been giving everything to the health service are facing high levels of stress and burnout, exacerbated by difficulties to recruit and retain across services. We have been working hard to curate offers across the South East focussing on staff health wellbeing and resilience and supporting the development of compassionate and inclusive leaders.

Please explore our attached calendar of events that showcases our range of offers, in addition we’d like to highlight some of our events and resources still available to you, which include:

Black History Month 2022

Let’s Celebrate

Our colleagues at the London Leadership Academy have been working to create a series of celebratory and informative events for Black History Month 2022. They have provided us with access to all of these sessions which can be found via the link above.

Growing your workforce

The Programme

We know that recruiting and retaining talent is becoming more competitive, how can we as leaders work to retain our current workforce and inclusively support them to progress within the NHS. We believe it is critical for line managers and leaders to recognise that they are part of a bigger system, to develop the skills and confidence to build their team, maximise retention, and grow talent. They also need to recognise where their organisation is responsible and areas where they may not be able to influence.

Mindout LGBTQ – Masterclasses

These sessions will allow participants to gain insight and skills in assessing and addressing the needs of LGBTQ staff with mental health issues and gain confidence in dealing with heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. We will address good practice around monitoring for sexual orientation and gender.

Collaborative Practice Development Programme

The purpose of the programme is to support general practice to find new ways to respond to the unprecedented challenge of rising demand and unmet need that has come about because of the changing pattern of disease (particularly the growth of long-term conditions) and the impact of social determinants (for example social isolation and loneliness).

Leading in Transition – Primary Care

This brief interactive session will explore the challenges facing primary care leaders in balancing the strategic and operational – working on the business as well as doing the business. It will be an opportunity to step back and reflect on how you can find the space and capacity to move out of the business into more virtuous cycles of improvement?

Edward Jenner Programme – Wrap-around support

The South East Leadership Academy are pleased to announce an upcoming opportunity for all receptionists, administrators and aspiring business managers working in Primary Care in the South East region to join a peer network of monthly Learning into Practice sessions while completing the 6-month online Edward Jenner programme to support their work and personal development in the South East Primary Care context.

Maximising your impact, building confidence and gravitas

A not to be missed virtual learning session with internationally renowned speaker Lee Warren. Lee Warren is an expert in behavioural persuasion and influential communication; he blends together psychology with his background as a performer to teach others the secrets to being an outstanding communicator

Conversations to build resilience

For anyone who wants to know how to manage sensitive conversations to support their teams and colleagues when working under pressure. Exploring factors that influence an individual’s ability to manage the challenges of extreme pressure and identifying ways to create a safe space for supportive conversations when dealing with individuals who are experiencing symptoms of stress/anxiety/depression/burnout

Unpacking Power

A collective inquiry into our experience of power in the workplace. Acknowledging the way in which power inhabits organisational settings. Appreciate how you personally experience power – and the ways in which your power might be being experienced and commit to rethinking your presence and practice in the workplace

Leading for an Inclusive Culture

While living with complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility compassion for ‘others’ can often be overlooked. Leaders need to think about their role in this changing landscape and how they can support the creation of relationship-based leadership work in the virtual and physical world.

This workshop series is for all leaders. It is about what you ‘do’ as a leader to create a socially inclusive culture and not who you ‘are’ as a leader.  

Sustaining a good team culture

This session will focus on exploring how managers can continue to cultivate a good team culture. It has been developed to provide practical tips and tools for helping teams to process and explore their experiences over recent months in order to move forward positively together.

Please see our SELA Offer deck that showcases our full range of offers

If you have any questions or would like to chat through any of the above, do feel free to get in touch with our team by contacting us via [email protected].

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