Bitesize Coaching

Bitesize Coaching Winter Boost


Bitesize Coaching Winter Offer

We recognise that the coming months will prove challenging, and we know how vital it is to support our people during these times. Here at the South East Leadership Academy, we are committed to supporting you this winter by continuing to offer Bitesize Coaching.

Bitesize Coaching provides you and your colleagues, whatever your role, a chance to pause and create space to breathe in a safe environment enabling you to discover immediate coping strategies and build long-term plans to manage yourself and your teams in challenging circumstances.

We are working with a team of professional & accredited coaches who will provide focused short-term support through a 45-minute focused virtual coaching session.  This will offer a safe space for staff where leaders can reflect on and explore their concerns, needs and challenges in a constructive way.

What topics can I bring to coaching?

Every coachee has their own unique challenges so people using this service will do so for a whole host of reasons, which might include the following:

  • Talking about current service dilemmas/challenges
  • Making strategic plans
  • Potential career changes and change in focus 
  • Discuss how to keep resilience
  • Challenges of keeping people motivated
  • Addressing exhaustion

Don’t be afraid to sensitively discuss challenges to help all plan for months ahead and minimise any team stress

Who is it for?

All staff working in the South East in Frontline and Senior Leadership roles. You will be either employed by the NHS or working with an NHS-funded employer delivering NHS-funded care.

How does it work?

You can register and book a coaching session via our South East Coaching and Mentoring Register using the link below.

This link will take you to our South East Coaching and Mentoring register home page where you will need to register as a coachee.

  1. Please register via the button below
  2. When completing your registration form, please select ‘Bitesize Coaching’ in the Cohort assignment question (at the bottom of the page).
  3.  Once your registration form is approved by SELA, you will be able to log in and select the option to ‘Search for a coach now, and then you will have your coaching needs from your registration form detailed in front of you.
  4. Under the ‘Search by specific cohort’ option – please select ‘Show only Bitesize Coaching coaches’ which will then give you a list of trained Bitesize Coaches for you to review their profiles and choose from.
  5. All requests are aimed to be responded to in 7 working days by coaches. If you do not get a response within this time frame, please let SELA know, by contacting us here [email protected]

Help us

You can also help us by tweeting us @SELA_NHS to share how your session helped you, or by contacting us at [email protected].