System Change Consulting Skills Programme

This programme provides an opportunity to enhance your confidence and skills to work as a ‘change consultant’ in organisational, cross-organisational and system change work.

System leaders are increasingly required to facilitate transformational change in and across their system and organisations, often without power or authority. In response to the current context, our network of seven regional NHS Leadership Academies have collaborated to commission a programme for leaders tasked with transformational change in their system. This offer is now open for expressions of interest.

What to expect
Running from June to November 2023, the programme will take you through five key themes, providing practical skills that can be readily applied alongside the opportunity to develop a vibrant network of peers who can support you as you work on transformational change projects.

The programme will help you to:
Develop your perspective and mindset as to what creates successful transformation across the system and draw on a range of tools and approaches to assist you.

Key programme themes:

  • Influencing without Formal Authority: Learn how to find and use your power positively, with less reliance on the hierarchy, and supporting others to do this, too.
  • Challenging the Status Quo: Learn practical strategies for speaking up with courage. Role model this for others, creating a climate where uncomfortable tensions can be constructively explored.
  • Releasing the Potential of Human Systems: Learn why people behave as they do in organisations and systems, and how to release the positive potential of group dynamics to improve outcomes.
  • Consulting Mindset and Skillset: Build your skills, capability and confidence to be an effective systems change consultant in and across organisations and systems. 
  • Self as Courageous Role Model: Enhance and extend your practical strategies to care for and challenge yourself during change and transformation, so you can be a role model for others and “be the system change”.

The Programme Format

Bitesize Learning
As part of the programme, you will have access to a series of short online learning videos and activities to complete via the Leadership Learning Zone (LLZ).

Programme Deep Dive Sessions
You will be invited to attend a 90-minute deep dive session to explore each key theme in more detail. There will be five dates available for each themed deep dive session.

Regional Pods
To complement the online learning and deep dive sessions, bi-monthly regional pods will be facilitated. These will bring participants together as a local regional group to explore how you are applying your learning into practice on local issues and place-based challenges.

LaunchPad Events
Following completion of the programme, two LaunchPad events will be held to celebrate and share programme learning between participants.

Session bookings
Once your place on the programme has been confirmed, you will receive the link to access the online learning modules and be invited to book your place on the deep dive sessions and regional pods.

Expressions of Interest (EOI)
Leaders working on a transformational change project or leading/supporting a strategic, complex system change are invited to express an interest. Alternatively, you may be a transformation professional working in and/or supporting others with transformational change projects. For example:

  • Clinician leading transformation programmes associated with Integrated Care Systems (ICS) 
  • System change leader working across organisations
  • Transformation professional working across organisations

To express your interest in joining the programme, please complete the EOI via this link. 

To express your interest in the programme, please complete the EOI form and return to [email protected].

Expressions of interest close at Midday on Monday 17th April 2023