Leadership Masterclass Series: Leading Anchor Organisations

Leading Anchor Organisations Masterclasses

The NHS is committed to addressing the social determinants of health, improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities. Anchor institutions are large public sector organisations which are rooted in place and connected to their communities, such as universities, local authorities, and hospitals and work together with their communities to tackle these challenges. Anchors have significant assets and spending power and are often a significant employer in an area and can consciously use these resources to benefit communities. Traditionally anchors focus on employability, procurement  and sustainability strategies and can, when aligned across the ICS partner organisations, contribute significantly to the economic situation and help to reduce health inequalities.  It can also contribute to addressing the workforce supply issues across the health and care sector.

The 7 regional academies have partnered with Health Anchors Learning Network (HALN) and CLES, the national organisation for local economies,  to develop a series of autumn masterclasses based on growing the knowledge about Anchor Institutes.


To Consider leadership issues and deepen the understanding of anchor institutions and their potential to solve some NHS challenges and also reduce inequalities, we are running a mini series of  masterclasses  nationally  for staff working in the public sector to share, adopt and adapt existing good practice from other anchor institutions. The masterclasses will explore;

  • The latest research and evidence about anchor institutions
  • Identify the leadership behaviours that create the conditions for change to happen
  • Understand models of leadership that have supported the advancement of anchor institutes
  • Provide examples and case studies and evidence into the impact of this work

About the Masterclasses:

Leadership Review – Leading and leadership in anchor institutions – what the Literature says: October 5th, 12.30- 13:30

This event will share the insights from a literature review into the leadership skills and behaviours required to support anchor organisations. It will showcase the findings from the review, and bring together leaders from across the UK to discuss the results, and draw out the implications for practice and support the development of this agenda for leaders across anchor organisations working in health and care. 

The Power of Procurement – The NHS as a driver of local industrial strategy: October 26th 12.30- 13:30

The NHS in England spends around £6bn on consumables, which includes items like PPE and single use medical instruments such as scalpels and blades. With climate change, supply chain disruption post Brexit and new obligations around social and economic development how can we look to flex the use of NHS Supply Chain to better support people, places and our planet?

The best job for the person – inclusive workforce and employment interventions: November 16th 12.30-13:30

Some health institutions are now starting to change the narrative around their workforce by using their power as employers to tackle the social determinants of health and create a more just society. For these organisations, it’s not about just wanting “the best person for the job”, but using the job to do the best by the people who make up your local economy. Where does the NHS start here and how can these interventions be scaled and amplified across entire health systems?

Public land public values – progressive NHS estates strategies? November 30th 12.30-13:30

Public land should be more than just a commodity. Wherever possible, it should be used to drive social, economic and environmental value and address the wider determinants of health. Nevertheless, land usage and disposal in an NHS context is heavily centralised which presents challenges for the progressive use of land and estates – particularly surplus land. Can we develop local progressive estates strategies? Some places are doing it? What is the art of the possible here?

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Masterclass Dates

Leading Anchor Organisations Masterclasses Facilitator Register your Place
Leadership Review – leading and leadership in anchor institutions – what the literature says.Julia SlayOctober 5th, 12.30- 13:30
The power of procurement – the NHS as a driver of local industrial strategyTom Lloyd GoodwinOctober 26th 12.30- 13:30
The best job for the person – inclusive workforce and employment interventionsTom Lloyd GoodwinNovember 16th 12.30-13:30
Public land public values – progressive NHS estates strategies?Tom Lloyd GoodwinNovember 30th 12.30-13:30

Masterclasses Resources

HALN introduction to Anchor Institutions community/networkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q211v7l4_4s  
The role of leadership in the health anchor workAt the Helm: The role of leadership in health anchor work – YouTube
Anchor frameworks, charters and strategies: how different places are developing their anchor missionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RqUmsgXQMA
Anchored in evidence; anchor institute; showcasing anchor case studieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nha4-cMWc9c
Material for Workshop2CLES – Healthy places CLES – Does it work? Measuring impact for community wealth building CLES – Restoring Public values in public procurement
Material; for workshop 3CLES – Healthy places CLES – Does it work? Measuring impact for community wealth building CLES – NHS: supporting those furthest from the labour market
Material for workshop 3CLES – Healthy places CLES – Does it work? Measuring impact for community wealth building CLES – Our land

Additional resources

You may also be interested in attending this event that is being offered by HALN. Please click on the link below to find out more. Creating Collective Impact: exploring approaches to anchor networks Tickets, Mon, Oct 16, 2023 at 12:30 PM | Eventbrite

About the Facilitators

Julia Slay

Julia is a freelance consultant, working across research, strategy and OD. Her background is in research and policy: She spent 8 years working on the social policy team at the new economics foundation, including leading a number of pieces of work on local economic development, and then spent 3 years at the GLA as the Assistant Director of Communities and Social Policy. She has also held board level positions in the NHS as a non-executive director in Tower Hamlets (the CCG) and Haringey (the GP Federation).

In 2019 she was awarded a Churchill fellowship to conduct research into anchor organisations in North America and Australia, and advised  the Health Foundation team in 2020 on the strategic direction they should take in relation to anchors work in the UK.

Tom Lloyd Goodwin – Director of Policy and Practice at CLES

Since completing his PhD in political theory in 2009, Tom has worked with numerous organisations across local government, academia, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector. He has delivered an array of local economic development and health policy projects, focused on addressing poverty, fostering social inclusion and promoting public health. Tom brings expertise in political theory, policy and implementation research to his role as Director of Policy and Practice.

For further information, please contact, Beth Hill. Systems Leadership Lead, Leadership Academy (South East Region) –[email protected]