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Mary Seacole Local Facilitators Programme

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An opportunity to become a Mary Seacole Programme Facilitator and to help your organisation and local system develop future NHS leaders by delivering a high-quality nationally recognised programme.


The aim of the Mary Seacole Local programme is to enable our NHS organisations across the South East the flexibility to deliver a high-quality nationally recognised development programme on a local basis. This involves recruiting local facilitators who will be trained and supported by a member of the national Leadership Academy mobilisation team.

Delivering the Mary Seacole programme locally allows easier access for NHS staff in the South East to attend. Attendance fee for the local programme is only £150 per person whereas attendance on the nationally run programme costs £995. This approach will allow local organisations and staff to benefit from this great opportunity at a largely reduced cost. With the facilitators being trained to deliver the programme and their organisations agreeing to them giving their time, they benefit their organisations and their local system through developing future leaders in a more cost-effective way.

About the Mary Seacole Programme

The Mary Seacole programme is a six-month long leadership development programme and requires 3 virtual delivery days (run across the 6 months as individual dates). It prepares participants for the demands of leadership in the health and care system today – and into the future. It combines theoretical knowledge and practical understanding needed to deliver inspiring leadership. The learning methods are a cutting-edge blend to keep participants inspired and motivated through a virtual campus and virtual development sessions enriched with the latest thinking from world-class experts. Graduates of the programme are equipped with the professional skills to thrive in their leadership role, and to play an important part in building a more compassionate NHS.

About the Mary Seacole Local Facilitator Programme

The South East Leadership Academy is now offering the opportunity for local systems to train 20 Mary Seacole local facilitators across the South East to enable them to deliver this national Leadership Academy programme locally.   

The training will consist of initial 2 consecutive virtual days (4 and 5 February), followed by 2 additional individual days later in the year –dates are yet to be confirmed.

The commitment thereafter is to work in facilitator pairs to deliver the Mary Seacole Local programme for up to 15 people in the local area / system. The expectation is for facilitator pairs to run 2 cohorts per year, so 4 cohorts across the 2-year license.

Click here for more information about the programme and facilitator commitment requirements.

Applications are now closed.