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Practice Manager’s Affinity Support Group – Session 3

Attending to your wellbeing is not a case of being selfish.  Your wellbeing makes a difference not only for yourself but for others too. Research shows that ‘happier leaders’ make for ‘happier organisations’.  And the need to support the wellbeing of colleagues right now has never been higher.

Why an Affinity Group?

Being a manager or leader can at times be a lonely experience, particularly during times of high demand and stress. You may not be sure who to talk to about your day-to-day challenges and feelings without imagining you might be burdening someone or risking the uncertainty of whether you might be judged for not being ‘perfect’.

Finding safe spaces to talk openly with people who you can relate to, who can empathize and listen without judgement to whatever you need to share, offers the chance to relieve some of the stress and feel less alone. And through the experience of mutual support, you will begin to feel nourished and care for.

What is involved and what will I get from being part of a group?

The Affinity Support Group brings together a small group of practice managers into a virtual online facilitated space on a monthly basis. Building mutual trust will be a key part of creating a safe space to share together over time. As relationships develop the group will, with the help of the facilitator, supportively respond to the different wellbeing needs of members of the group. The group will be confidential.

Who is this programme for?

Practice Managers in the South East.

For more information view the post here.