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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership matters

‘Diversity is being asked to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance’ 

Verna Myers

In an inclusive workplace, everyone wins. People who feel included will be motivated and satisfied in their work. Inclusive teams that build and value their diversity are creative and high performing. Inclusive organisations get the best from their people and respond to all needs with greater care and compassion. At the Leadership Academy you can get the support you need to help build an inclusive culture and increase workplace diversity and our Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy offers the kind of support you need to make a difference. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the NHS – an overview of WRES

Building Leadership for Inclusion (BLFI)

Building Leadership for Inclusion (BLFI) is the Leadership Academy’s key programme of work that all our inclusion activity aligns to. The key strategic objectives of the BLFI programme of work are to:

  • Raise the level of ambition on inclusion 
  • Quicken the pace of change towards inclusion
  • Ensure that leadership is equipped to achieve and leave an ever increasing and sustainable legacy of inclusion

Key elements of the programme are:

  • Work with academic partners to ensure a robust evidence base for all our inclusion work.
  • Work through 6 pilot sites across the country to champion the change and develop truly inclusive organisations and health and care systems. 
  • Work of 4 influencer groups (Women, BAME, BGBT+ and Diverse Ability) to place the voices of those with ‘lived experience’ of exclusion at the centre of all strategies for inclusive change.

The BLFI Sharing events

Two events took place in London and Leeds in June 2019 that showcased a number of learnings from the programme so far and included the formal launch of the comprehensive literature review on inclusion from the University of the West of England, “Inclusion: The DNA of Leadership and change”.

In our resources page, you can find more information about the BLFI, the strategic objectives, main workstreams, pilot sites and influencer groups that are driving the work of BLFI.

Life, Health and Leadership – Building a better, healthier NHS with Leaders with Disabilities.

An event targeted at people living with long term health conditions, mental health issues and disabilities* and are considering or already undertaking leadership roles. Influenced by Disability History Month (18 November to 18 December) we want to help you think about your own history and what this means for your leadership future.

Watch the recording of the session, which includes the transcript.