Leadership Dispatch – December 17th 2020

Welcome colleagues to our December Leadership Dispatch.  All of the South East Leadership Academy team would like to wish you a restful and peaceful festive period.  So many of our celebrations at this time are about welcoming light back in and spending time with those we love. Compassionate leadership is also about providing light and offering restorative space to those we lead which can only happen if we feel restored and ‘light’ ourselves.

In this edition we focus on our ongoing support for leaders this Winter.  We have a number of new masterclasses in our Leading in the Light of Covid series with a particular focus on our colleagues in Primary Care.  These look at how self-compassion is a key ingredient in the health and wellbeing of our teams, how to lead in the virtual space and a taster session on organisational development which will be critical to support the transformation agenda in out of hospital care and developing successful Integrated Care Systems.

Following two engaging and energising tweet chats, reaching an audience of over 1.2million, #ProjectM has reached an important milestone and you can now access the first phase of #ProjectM on people.nhs.uk.  Our team leaders and managers across our health organisations are experiencing fatigue, facing into COVID-19, Winter and Vaccine roll-out pressures. Supporting all of our people, right now, has never been more critical and this will be key to delivering the People Plan.  This week we are releasing phase 2 of #ProjectM with a ‘community of practice’ launch. We have purposefully taken a listening and building approach in designing the #ProjectM offer and our managers and team leaders told us that they value peer support. The ‘community of practice’ will be a safe online place where peer groups can connect, share, learn and support each other.

We appreciate that, as we close this most challenging of years, leading and supporting your teams will both have tired and energised you.  The NHS has achieved amazing things this year and we are really proud to support the fantastic and committed leadership community we have here in the South East. We look forward to supporting you to continue our collective work in 2021 – delivering excellent patient care and enabling all of our workforce to flourish and grow.

Ali Jennings, Head of Leadership and Lifelong Learning, South East

Regional Offers

Supporting Our Leaders This Winter

Supporting our leaders this winter is more important now than ever, and here in the South East Leadership Academy we have enhanced our Leadership support offer to help you manage your own health and wellbeing whilst looking after others. Our new bitesize learning interventions are short and agile, can be accessed whenever it’s convenient for you, and include a mixture of learning opportunities and positive action initiatives.

Leading in the Light of COVID – Masterclass Series

PRIMARY CARE: Leading Remotely in Primary Care Masterclass, 20th January 2021, 10:00 – 12:00

Leading in Primary Care is a daily juggling act, balancing the needs of your patient population with PCN-wide developments, plus the day-to-day pressures of Covid-related illness, virtual consultations and staff working from home. This virtual session provides some protected ‘head space’ and ‘thinking time’ for busy practice managers, primary care practitioners and other key primary care colleagues.

PRIMARY CARE: Self-compassion for the Wellbeing of Healthcare Workers Masterclass, 26th January 2021, 18:00-19:30

This Masterclass aims to offer participants an opportunity to explore the benefits of self compassion, and simple everyday ways to cultivate a compassionate approach to softening the impact of personal distress and enhancing personal well-being and resilience.

PRIMARY CARE: Organisational Development (OD) and Primary Care – a taster session, 2nd February 2021, 9:30-12:30, with Simon Bird

This workshop has been designed for primary care colleagues to experience a speedy immersion into some of the key ideas in OD.  You will explore with others why and how understanding more about OD might provide you with more options, ideas – and even inspiration – as to how to approach some of the trickiest issues you face on a day-to-day basis.

Regional Programmes

BAME Women Leadership Development programmeopen for applications!

This positive action initiative for BAME women will give you the tools and techniques to look freshly at your career and devise a practical action plan to achieve your goals. Through an empowering one-day thresholds workshop and ongoing support you will be encouraged to consider what really matters to you in your career and how to stay motivated and effective in what you do.

Primary Care: The Power of Coaching Techniques Programme, 11th, 23rd February and 11th, 23rd March 2021 with Practive

The Power of Coaching Techniques programme will reflect on the rapid changes that COVID has brought about to the way we work. This programme will allow primary care staff to understand how coaching approaches can help them support their local Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and will equip them with tools and skills to use these approaches effectively.

National and Partner Offers


Shaped by on-going feedback and conversations had with managers throughout the NHS – #ProjectM is a suite of resources, tools and guides to help our NHS managers lead through COVID-19 and beyond. A community of practice will provide a safe, collaborative space for colleagues to get peer-to-peer support, alongside our award-winning health and wellbeing offers.

Executive Suite Offers

Developed to support executive leaders to meet the challenges of leadership over the coming years, these offers are provided to open the space for co-development of leadership and lifelong learning with executive leaders. Current opportunities include:

  • Centre for Army Leadership – mentoring offer
  • 1 to 1 therapeutic coaching support
  • Action Learning Sets – either national or regionally tailored to suit your system challenges


For Regional Offers: [email protected]

For National and Partner Offers – Please follow the link in the offer you are interested in and contact organisers directly