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Working at Scale: Strategic Skills Programme for PCN Managers 2021: Session 2 of 6

“This programme has stimulated and activated a lot of advice and learning, helping me to reframe my skills and abilities in the context of my current role.”

This programme provides support and development for PCN (Primary Care Network) Managers with a focus on their personal skills of leadership and collaboration to ‘work at scale’.  It will consider the nature of the role and reflect on the rapid changes COVID has bought about to the way the PCN needs to work and move forward.  It is designed to equip PCN Managers with the tools, skills, strategies and networks to lead, manage and influence change.  It will consider how PCNs and the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) will shape the way healthcare is delivered locally, regionally and nationally, and have a voice in the emerging Integrated Care Systems.

The purpose of the programme is for PCN Managers to have an opportunity to step away from their busy operational environment and spend time networking, sharing best practice and working ‘on their local healthcare environment’ rather than ‘operationally in it’.  It is not about how to be a PCN manager, rather how to develop the skills that will support you to be effective in the role and to enable you to connect with other PCN Managers to help build a regional support network.

Specifically, the programme aims are to:

    • Provide you with a robust learning environment to develop ideas, strategies, skills and tools to drive their Primary Care Networks forward, as appropriate.
    • Give you time and space away from the busy operation to help them shape, plan build and deliver change across the South East Region, and in your PCN.
    • Work with others on common challenges within Primary Care, (e.g. Resourcing) and develop ways of working in collaboration, co-production, and joined up thinking.
    • Develop and enhance leadership skills and strategic thinking, and how to engage others in change.
    • Enhance and develop your personal network of other PCN Managers as well as healthcare leaders and decision makers in Primary Care.

Attending the Programme

This programme will be delivered virtually using the Zoom platform and the focus will be on creating a learning environment that is engaging, interactive, informative, supportive, challenging and practical.

Throughout the programme you will be introduced to the latest thinking in the use of healthcare technology and broaden your understanding of the different perspectives of stakeholder groups, enabling you to make more informed decisions around working in collaboration with others.

During the programme you will have the opportunity to work in small groups on a change theme where you can apply your knowledge and skills in an improvement project.You will also have access to Aspire’s Digital Learning Hub, an on-line training platform designed to enhance the remote learning experience, and includes access to a range of management tools, programme handouts, videos, questionnaires, further reading material, virtual workshops, and personal learning activities (a range of pre and post workshop activities) to embed learning in a supportive and practical way.

The programme is led and facilitated by experienced tutors: Sally Turgoose and Alison Wheatly from Aspire Development, supported by Peter Tindall from NHSE/I, a subject matter expert in NHS strategy, change management and forward thinking. Throughout the programme you will have the opportunity to listen to and share ideas and experiences with several guest speakers and subject matter experts in healthcare.

Who is it for? 

This is for Primary Care Network managers working in the South East region.

Session topics and how to book:

You must be available on all of the below dates.

Workshop Workshop overview Dates
The Big Picture across the South East An opportunity to collectively get to grips with the priorities and challenges for primary care nationally and regionally across the South East.  To identify areas of personal focus to move forward during the programme. Thursday 18th November 2021


Leading in Today’s Primary Care To consider and develop the leadership skills required to work at scale for the benefit of patients and communities, whilst maintaining wellbeing and effectiveness of yourself and your team. Wednesday 19th January 2022


Communicating and Influencing Strategies To improve communications skills, understanding the concept of DISC as a tool to appreciate behaviours of self and others. To develop influencing strategies to use with stakeholders and decision makers. Tuesday 1st February 2022


Leading Change To develop the skills needed to lead transformational change of people and process at scale.  To gain insight into technological advances which are shaping future healthcare. Thursday 3rd March 2022


Working at Scale with Stakeholders To understand who your stakeholders are and what they need from primary care. To recognise local and regional opportunities for collaboration and effective resourcing, with focus on the patient perspective and on health inequalities. Thursday 31st March 2022


Finale Event An opportunity to share your experience, progress, reflect on your personal learning and plan “what next”. Thursday 28th April 2022


To register, please complete the application form here.

Although we will be able to see your name and email address upon submission, once extrapolated this data will be anonymised. We appreciate your support in providing this information, which will help us to ensure our leadership development interventions are widely accessible and inclusive.

Closing date is Wednesday, 3rd November 2021