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Virtual Group Supervision for Coaches with Will Jackson Day 5 of 7

We are pleased to invite you to register your interest to attend the Coaching Supervision – Virtual Group Supervision for Coaches, led by Will Jackson from November 2020 – March 2021.

These Supervision sessions are open to members of the South East Coaching faculty ONLY. Priority will be given to coaches who are currently active on our South East Coaching Register, as to ensure all attendees get the most out of the session, recent and active coaching is essential to discussion within these sessions.

About the Supervision Session

Supervision plays a significant role in helping you build your knowledge, increase self-awareness, and improve your coaching practice.  The approach allows you to critically reflect on your practice, explore what worked well and what did not, gain insight into your strengths and potential blind spots, while harnessing the resourcefulness within a group of 6-8 attendees to support you.

The focus is to create a safe and supportive environment that concentrates on participants’ learning.  The format is characterised by active listening and thoughtful questioning. We apply simple rules of reflection so individuals can take stock of their coaching, explore their thoughts and feelings around their work, and strengthen understanding and confidence.

The supervision will cover individual and whole group questions and topics. You will have the opportunity to explore individual issues or questions, as well as themes shared by the group, with attention around:

  • establishing, maintaining, and concluding effective coaching relationships
  • fulfilling client and organizational expectations
  • application of models and techniques to address client’s needs
  • developing confidence and standards of competence
  • addressing immediate issues or concerns that might be impacting on your coaching
  • ensuring you adhere to professional, ethical and organisational standards by addressing potential dilemmas of an ethical nature, exploring conflicts around personal values.

Further information

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