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The compassionate learning organisation session 2 – Mental models

This 4 session virtual programme – free as part of your organisation’s membership of NHS Elect – has been designed to allow you to deepen your capacity to lead effectively and learn how to create an adaptive, flexible learning environment where colleagues are encouraged to create a shared vision organisation.

‘How do you see the world and others within it?

The above is a fiercely complex question to answer because — a lot of the time — how we perceive our surroundings is an amalgamation of conscious and subconscious, known and unknown, inherent and learned behaviours and prejudices. The lens through which we view the world is inherently subjective, as is the thought processes we use to make sense of it. This we need to see the ‘facts’ and ‘truths’ of our life as merely models.

In this session, we will explore how we may start to change that lens to view things and others in a different way or from a different perspective. To move away from a mindset of “here is how it is” and “how do we fix it?” to one of “How do we all see it”?

To do so, we must access these mental models to challenge and develop them. Without a keen understanding of our personal mental models, we cannot make space for new ideas and changes. We will particularly explore the mental models that we may have about others and how we may move from a mindset as leaders to hold others accountable for their impact upon me to one of holding ourselves accountable for our impact upon others.

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