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Life, Leadership, Legacy – Celebrating Black History Month

“Know your magic, trust your magic, use your magic and know that you are a manifestation of life’s magic.” Rasheed Ogunlaru

Join us and coach-speaker-author Rasheed Ogunlaru for inspiring and empowering masterclass and discussion.

As we celebrate Black History Month, during our Life, Leadership, Legacy event we will share the inspiration and learn the lessons from our individual and collective history. We will look at how these apply in our life, careers and organisations. Join us on a journey of:

  • Past: Reflect on your unique journey, inspirations and life learning
  • Present: Re-connect to your unique passion, purpose and potential
  • Future: Face, embrace and shape and change today through your life and work

This event will give you a powerful opportunity to deeply consider: who has inspired you throughout history – and what it reveals about your journey; your own history and identity; your purpose and mission as a leader; how to live and lead from your values; and to utilise the passion, vision, courage to develop yourself, others and your service to play your part in shaping the future – today.

You will leave this session:

  • With a clearer sense of your vision, mission, direction, purpose and calling
  • With greater self-awareness and insight into your strengths, path and possibilities
  • Able to access the passion and purposefulness essential to shape change
  • More strategic, values centred and resourceful
  • With a greater ability to understand, inspire and motivate others
  • Focused, inspired, energised and motivated.

Rasheed says the “The tragedy about history – personally and globally – is that while we may learn it we rarely learn from it.”   He continues “The key is to shift from head to heart to truly embody transformation, compassion, connection in every aspect of our lives and work.”

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