South East Leadership Academy

Black History Month – National Events

Week 1 – Identity and Me 6th October
Zero tolerance for racism: supporting a diverse workforce to deliver for patients.

10:00 – Welcome

10:35 – Global trends on race in healthcare

10:55 – Launch of recognition tent

11:20 – How to talk about race in the workplace

11:55 – Personal reflections

12:15 – I’m proud to be…

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Week 2 – Leadership that makes a difference 12th October
Positively transforming the culture of the NHS through leadership.

10:00 – Welcome and Introduction

10:15 – BME Contributions and the future of NHS Leadership

11:10 – How leaders can improve patient and staff experience

11:50 – Roundtable: Creating a sense of belonging and influencing change

12:20 – HR futures and race

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Week 3 – Understanding racial lived experience 19th October
Improving health and wellbeing for all staff by reflecting on their lived experience

Week 4 – NHS Race Equality Strategy: S call to action 26th October
Strategic approaches to racial equality