South East Leadership Academy

Co-create with us

Primary Care Leadership Co-Creation Session

What leadership development do you and your teams need right now?   

What support do you need over the transitions you will face in the next year? 

Come and help us to co-create the leadership development that you and your colleagues need from the South East Leadership Academy. We are looking to enrich our offer into Primary Care over the year ahead and to ensure we do this in partnership with you as our Primary Care leaders delivering health and care across the South East. Equipping you with the leadership skills you need will be key as we move though phases of learning from the Covid pandemic, operational challenges and changes to our ways of working that ICS and PCN development will continue to bring. That is why we want to hear from you. 

Please email us on [email protected] and share the needs you and those you work with have around leadership development and let us know what leadership development works well.  

The Power of Coaching Techniques Programme

An introduction to coaching and skills you can use to support your Primary Care Network Development.

The programme will reflect on the rapid changes COVID has bought about the way we work and designed to equip primary care staff with the understanding, tools, and skills that using a coaching approach can bring to support your Primary Care Network (PCN) to develop and evolve.  

For PCNs, operating in the context of increasing complexity and ambition requires the ability to build relationships, listen and talk openly, to set aside preconceived ideas of best practice and truly collaborate. This, in turn, needs a leadership shift from ‘problem-solver’ to ‘coach’. Evidence tells us the development of these vital coaching skills can build confidence, develop non-clinical leadership skills and support change.  

This programme has been developed to support anyone who is working to bring about changes to support their PCN development, and is aimed at those who are relatively new to coaching or who have had some experience but little formal coaching training.

Link to further details and to register your interest for the Power of Coaching Techniques Programme.