NHS Leadership and Development Survey 2021

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We value your ideas and opinions

Our 2020 survey gave us valuable insights into what is needed by our people to be able to develop and fulfil their potential. It highlighted the need for protected time, a blended learning experience, flexibility in accessing learning and visibility of the opportunities available. Career planning support was also identified as an area where further investigation may be needed, from both an organisational and line management perspective.

As a result, we have worked to incorporate blended learning into our programmes, increasing our digital presence to support more flexible learning approaches. Our new prospectus will be going live soon, outlining the development offers being designed and increasing awareness of our programmes. New approaches to have and capture career conversations are being developed and frameworks to support career development and succession planning are being rolled out. Targeted initiatives are also in place to support career development and progression for our BAME colleagues, who are underrepresented at senior leadership levels.

We want to hear your voice

Our 2021 survey builds on what we learnt last year. What do you need to be an effective leader; what support do you need to help you learn; what help do you need for your personal development and career; and what do you see as the current priorities? Hearing voices from all parts of our community will allow us to develop content and initiatives that are relevant to you, and your career journey.

This is a chance for you to have your say

The results of this survey will be used to help us develop a curriculum that is fit for the future and meets the needs of our people. Complete the survey by following this link.

If you have queries, please contact [email protected].