Leadership Dispatch – 08 December

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Hello and welcome to our December edition of the South East Leadership Academy Dispatch. This month’s dispatch offers a new look which hopefully will make our range of offers easier to view.

As we look forward to our team Christmas parties and time with families over the Christmas break, we know that our colleagues across the NHS and social care continue to experience significant operational pressure, trying to balance the demands of a safe winter, with the increased Covid 19 booster roll out and ongoing workforce pressures.

We continue to offer programmes that are aimed at supporting you through this time, with packages aimed at focussing on your health and well-being and leading through the winter. We have a mix of offers presented in both accessible bitesize formats, as well as broader leadership development interventions.

We have spent time designing a new way of presenting our leadership offers to you, in the hope that this minimised effort and time for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Within this new format we are concentrating on sections focussing on:

  • A reminder of what is still available this month (December 2021)
  • Our offers coming up in January and February 2022
  • Offers are themed around Coaching and Mentoring, our espressos (masterclasses) as well as offers for System leaders, leaders in Primary Care and Graduate Management Training Scheme.
  • Our offers are colour coordinated so that you can see what is available to all (purple).

We would really appreciate your feedback on this new approach, please let us know by contacting us via [email protected].

In addition to the challenges we face this winter, we are also preparing the system for significant change, as outlined by the Health and Social Care Bill that is currently going through the second reading in the House of Lords. This bill seeks to establish a duty to collaborate rather than compete, where Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are based on collaborative partnerships between the NHS, local government and the voluntary, social enterprise and independent sectors, with the aim of;

  • improving outcomes in population health and healthcare
  • tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience, and access
  • enhancing productivity and value for money
  • helping the NHS support broader social and economic development

In the Leadership Academy we have been thinking deeply about what new and unique leadership challenges and behaviour changes these new arrangements will require from us all.  The Northwest Leadership Academy has a systems leadership framework,  which outlines 4 key competency areas including innovation and improvement, relationships and connectivity, individual effectiveness learning and capacity-building. The new leadership challenge includes having a different mindset, set of behaviours and skills to;

  • co-production and working with diversity
  • build strong relationships based on trust and work through a dispersed leadership model
  • census building to create understanding and a shared purpose
  • working with complexity, looking at wicked issues as a whole and not in parts
  • building system-wide learning and evaluation frameworks and scaling innovation

We are currently designing our new programmes for next year and would be very keen to hear from you about what support and development you would find the most helpful to support us through this ambitious transition.

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