Leadership Dispatch – 03 November

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Hello and welcome to our November edition of the South East Leadership Academy Dispatch. This month our colleague, Alastair Boothroyd, GMTS Leadership Development Senior Manager, introduces our Dispatch as we launch our Graduate Scheme application and assurance process for September 2022.

Having just returned from a period of annual leave, involving a christening, cottages in Glastonbury, afternoon tea at a cat café and general relaxation, I am now back feeling reenergised and refreshed. This break also allowed me time to reflect on the importance of looking after ourselves in what is undoubtedly a continued challenging and uncertain time.

Our focus at the South East Leadership Academy continues in its aim to support all our NHS colleagues through Recovery, Retention and Wellbeing and our offerings around Supporting a Safe Winter and Staff recovery are being ramped up as we move through Q3 along with a range of interventions supporting ICS Board Level Development, and Systems Leadership. We also continue to offer Coaching at all levels, offering both one to one and bespoke sessions.

In other news, GMTS was voted 3rd in the Times Top 100 Graduate Schemes in the country, and we are now looking to our next cohort due to start in September 2022. The initial application stage is currently open for potential trainees to apply and details can be found on our National Leadership Academy Website. At a regional level, we are also preparing to open up our assurance process for organisations and ICS’s to apply to host trainees. We have a number of engagement events to discuss GMTS, the benefit trainees bring to an organisation/ICS and how to submit your application which will take place throughout November and December and details of these can be found below. Formal communications with further information will be cascaded in the next week or so.

We hope the content you find below offers a useful resource and provides you with additional support and learning as we approach the winter months and the ongoing pressures this will bring. From the espressos, which offer a range of shorter leadership development sessions for those with increasingly busy calendars, to the variety of online bitesize learning.

We love hearing from you and connecting across our region so please do get in touch if you have any questions or curiosities.

Alastair Boothroyd, GMTS Leadership Development Senior Manager, South East
NHS England and NHS Improvement

Regional Offers

Leadership Espressos: Supporting Our Leaders

Bringing a Team Back Together to Reset, Renew & Refocus

As we find our new normal and navigate to reset, renew and refocus after a challenging year, perhaps being redeployed or working on COVID-related projects, this leadership espresso will help you focus on re-engaging and empowering your teams, re-contracting and the fundamentals of a high performing team.

Understanding Trauma in Healthcare

This session is for leaders who would like to understand what trauma looks like and how it can impact your staff and yourself. You will be invited to share experiences and commit to an action to take back into your workplace to apply your learning in a tangible way. This session will support you as a line manager to signpost staff to appropriate resources and services.

Conversations to Build Resilience

These are unprecedented times. We are juggling work and personal lives that are more disruptive, stressful, and ever changing with often increasing demands. Part 1 is for anyone who wants to know how to manage sensitive conversations to support their teams and colleagues when working under pressure. Part 2 will review key points from part 1 and discuss participants’ experiences since session 1.

Rising Stronger From Mental Health To Mental Wealth

This session is not about challenging you to up your game or work harder, it’s about nudging you to remember who you are at your best. That’s not only good for you, it creates positive ripples that impact on your family, your team and patients. Bouncing back is one thing, bouncing forward is quite another.

Giving Effective Feedback

Giving feedback is a skill and it takes practice to get it right. This 90-minute leadership espresso has been designed to support you to give feedback constructively and effectively across difference, for example race, gender, sexuality and disability.

Leadership Support Circles

Leadership Support Circles are a reflective space for managers at all levels to come together in a multi-disciplinary setting to share their experiences and be heard.

Supporting the talent in your team

This session will explore how managers can keep their staff engaged and motivated during periods where stretch opportunities may be more desirable and appropriate than taking on more responsibility, learning opportunities, promotion or mentoring others.

I, We, All

This energising and interactive session invites on a journey of appreciating our individual, interconnected and intersectional selves, teams, organisations and world.

Making Every Conversation Count

This 90-minute leadership espresso session has been developed to support Line Managers to have coaching style conversations and introduce how a coaching approach to managing others provides long-term development and support for others.

Noticing Burnout

This session has been designed for staff who are concerned that their teams are working through times of extreme pressure. Individuals who want to know how to better understand their people in such circumstances and what they can do to support them effectively.

Primary Care Offers

Chairing Impactful, Inclusive and Productive Meetings Workshop

This workshop explores and practises some of the key skills involved in chairing and handling successful, productive meetings. It looks at how to begin and end meetings well and how to chair and/or participate in challenging or difficult meetings. This event is for Senior leaders in Primary Care, particularly relevant for Clinical Directors and PCN Managers.

Challenging Conversations (Primary care) – Leadership Espresso

We will look at the key factors of challenging conversations, what makes them challenging, what holds us back and what can help us. You will be learning and sharing your examples and tips with others in similar situations to help support each other.

Leading without authority Masterclass

This virtual session is for practice managers, primary care practitioners and other key primary care colleagues and will help you consider the differences between leading in a hierarchical context and influencing across networks, which aspects of your work are best achieved through a conventional management approach and which aspects require a more networked approach to leadership and more.

Understanding Trauma in Healthcare

This session is for Primary Care leaders who would like to understand what trauma looks like through the lens of inclusion and equality and how it can impact your staff and yourself. You will be invited to share experiences and commit to an action to take back into your workplace to apply your learning in a tangible way. This session will support you as a line manager to signpost staff to appropriate resources and services.

Supporting yourself and your Team – Behaviours and the challenge of everyday interactions Espresso

The session focuses on the psychology of now and the impact of the current context on individuals. It emphasises the power of effective communication, including levels of listening and the importance of creating moments of connection during increased times of pressure, workload and secondary stressors. This espresso is for colleagues supporting or leading or managing other in their Practice or PCN.

Sustaining a Good Team Culture – Moving Forward Together Espresso

The session will focus on exploring how managers and team leads in Primary care can continue to cultivate a good team culture, exploring the impact on teams, potential conflicts and how to support a team to build and process together through a period of intense pressure and adversity. This espresso is for colleagues supporting or leading or managing others in their Practice or PCN.

Ways of Thinking About Change in Primary Care Workshop

This workshop designed to introduce those who are involved in supporting change and transformation in Primary Care settings to the benefits of the OD (Organisation Development) technique of looking at change through different lenses.

1:1 Support for Leaders

Crisis Coaching – book your session

This offer is a one off, or up to 3 short, focused 60-minute sessions which will provide colleagues with the opportunity to process experiences, develop coping skills and explore strategies to navigate challenging circumstances. This offer is for all staff working in the South East in Frontline and/or Leadership roles (either employed by the NHS or working with an NHS funded employer delivering NHS funded care in clinical or non-clinical roles).

Safe Space Conversation Sessions for Senior Clinical Leaders

This offer will provide senior clinical leaders time out to talk, to gain support, learning and development through a crucial period of heightened demand on individuals and the healthcare services. Aimed at executive and deputy Medical and Nursing Directors, Heads of Midwifery and AHPs (and their deputies), Senior Clinical Leaders of teams or services, and clinical divisional directors or equivalent.

Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS)

The GMTS team are proud to announce that we have been listed in 3rd position in the recent Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. Applications are now open for potential trainees, please view our New National GMTS website for further details. We will be hosting a series of engagement events in preparation for the 2022 cohort on the below dates:

Calling all GMTS Alumni

We are currently reviewing our understanding of GMTS Alumni in the region, whether they trained in the South East, or moved to the area after completion, in order to understand how we can better support our trainees both during their time on GMTS as well as their early years post completion. If you are GMTS Alumni please complete a short survey which will take no more than a minute or two to complete.

National and Partner Offers

Self Care for Better Health Care

This session will explore compassionate leadership for Primary Care Leaders to improve resilience for yourself and your team and improve outcomes for your patients

Engagement Sessions for Apprenticeships with Leadership Programmes

During September The NHS Leadership Academy and selected Apprenticeship Providers have scheduled a series of engagement sessions to provide information on upcoming Apprenticeship Standards offering NHS Leadership Academy Leadership Programmes (Mary Seacole and Edward Jenner) included with them.

Leading for Systems Change

This new national offer provides place-based support for Integrated Care Systems (ICS), to build collaborative system-wide leadership. This offer will provide practical, place-based support to help build collaborative leadership thinking across all areas, building understanding and expertise regarding what it means to work at a system level and to encourage new ways of working.

NHS Wellbeing Event

Open to everyone working in health and care in the South East Region with a role relating to retaining and improving the experience and well-being of our people.

NHS England upcoming virtual events

  • How to have safe and effective wellbeing conversations – national training programme, 1 Dec. – Find out more.
  • Online Workshop: Getting Unstuck, 10 Dec. – Find out more.

For more virtual events please visit: NHS England and NHS Improvement Online Events

NHS Elect upcoming webinars

NHS Elect is a national membership organisation run by experienced NHS colleagues that provides development, coaching and support in a number of areas, including Leadership and Organisational Development.

South East Leadership Academy has entered into a strategic partnership with NHS Elect to increase the access to leadership development opportunities for NHS staff in the South East region. The events are free of charge and available to Organisations in the South East who hold an NHS Elect membership. To find out if your organisation holds a membership, please visit NHS Elect – Current members.

Current courses include:

For more information about these webinars and a full list of development opportunities from NHS Elect please visit: NHS Elect – Online Courses or contact [email protected].


Shaped by on-going feedback and conversations had with managers throughout the NHS – #ProjectM is a suite of resources, tools and guides to help our NHS managers lead through COVID-19 and beyond. A community of practice will provide a safe, collaborative space for colleagues to get peer-to-peer support, alongside our award-winning health and wellbeing offers.

Executive Suite

A comprehensive suite of supportive offers and resources for senior and executive leaders in health and care. They are designed to support you to remain a resilient leader, continue to thrive in your role, and set cultures that value the importance of health and wellbeing. The offers are open to all executive leaders across health and care in England. 

NHS England and NHS Improvement Job Vacancies

Leadership Development Administrator

We are seeking a values driven Leadership Development Administrator, who is an enthusiastic, self-motivated and proactive individual to join our team to support the leadership development agenda in the NHS across the South East taking the lead in administrating successful programme delivery.

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