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Gaining the attention of an audience and having the communicative skills to persuade people with clarity and conviction are essential skills of leadership. They are critical when we find ourselves working with others and seeking to attract people to work collaboratively with us.
An additional complication has now appeared as we have all become forced to rely – both professionally, personally and socially – on platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams over recent months. They have been invaluable in helping us all to stay connected – and, after years of discussion about the future of telemedicine, we have seen a significant increase in e-consultations in Primary Care.

This event will explore the issue of voice and presence in all communication contexts – including, of course, the virtual spaces in which we find ourselves more and more at this time – by helping those taking part to appreciate how to transcend the barriers to effective exchange. Additionally, it will offer insights into how to use these platforms more effectively in terms of getting the most from them and getting your messages across.

What will be covered

During this masterclass, we will:

  1. Learn easy to use tools and techniques to ensure that our voice and presence is confident, convincing and persuasive, both in person and online.
  2. Look at the basics in respect to managing nerves before and during online speaking so that our message is properly heard and expressed in a way that supports us to engage with others.
  3. Appreciate body language and how to appear your best most engaged and relaxed self, both in person and – increasingly – on screen.
  4. Explore voice and how to sound credible, confident and clear, both in person and in a virtual setting, in order to express thoughts, ideas and proposals in a way to which people can comfortably relate.

The facilitator will use her extensive experience and rich expertise to explore the contrasts that exist between the sort of business communication to which we are most used and the ways in which we are working with and alongside people at this time. She will also introduce the Five Power Tools that she promotes for effectiveness in terms of voice and presence, each considered in light of the range of contexts in which we find ourselves.

Event details

Tuesday, 3rd November 2020, 11:00 – 13:00 (with a short break in the middle)
The event will be hosted via Zoom.

Who is the event for and how to book your place:

This masterclass is for NHS staff and staff delivering NHS funded care. To book your place click here.

About the facilitator

Kira Emslie is a professional speaking coach and voice specialist with an expertise in voice physiology and performance techniques. Over the last decade, she has worked with performers, leaders and teams on how they can use their voice to get their message across. Using a powerful combination of tools, she takes the view that we can all learn to calm nerves, build confidence and increase our impact and influence in any situation. Kira offers a variety of fun and highly interactive leadership development workshops. These are designed for participants to learn and practice powerful, easy-to-learn tools and techniques used by professionals around the globe, to calm the mind, overcome anxiety or stage fright, stay calm under pressure, and use their voice in ways that people find engaging and easy to listen to.