Systems Leadership offers

Systems Thinking Practitioner

Overview of the Role

Support decision-makers in strategic and leadership roles to understand and address complex and sometimes even ‘wicked’ problems through provision of expert systemic analysis, advice and facilitation.

systems thinking practitioner

Level 7 course, non-degree qualification with a typical duration of 30 months.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for

• Delivering expert problem-solving and solutions for multi-layer/multi-organisation/multi-government problems.

• Engaging with colleagues, peers, stakeholders and decision-makers, to facilitate the creation of shared methods of defining, interpreting and understanding the system of interest (e.g. models, pictures, stories, maps).

• Identifying patterns, dynamics, power and inter-relationships within and affecting the system, using systems thinking methodologies; applying appropriate tools, techniques and drawing on relevant theory (e.g. systems science, complexity science, social psychology, action research) with rigour to yield new insights and alternative perspectives…… and more

To find out more and how to apply please follow this link Systems Thinking Practitioner/apprenticeship