Leadership Espresso – Supporting Midwives in the Context of Now

Understanding the Psychology of now and the impact on self and others

About the session:

The session focuses on the psychology of now and the impact of the current context on individuals. It emphasises the power of effective communication, levels of listening and the importance of creating moments of connection during increased times of pressure, workload and secondary stressors.

At the heart of this virtual session is a belief that individuals need to be supported and cared for – provided with time and space to reflect, process and understand their current context so they are equipped to manage the challenges and pressures they face. Through having guided development time, we increase our ability to support others and lead successfully within a continually changing context. This
session will give you the opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences and explore new tools and
approaches to support yourself and your midwifery teams.

What to expect in these sessions:

The sessions are participative and active. Rebekah uses breakout rooms, interactive feedback tools (Menti.com) and group discussion. We would ask that you come prepared to have your camera’s on to support the interactive and people centred nature of the session.

The sessions are designed to be a warm, relaxed and honest space, for people to share their experiences and connect with colleagues. Much of the issues and challenges you may be facing with your teams and colleagues will be shared by others and we know that realising ‘you aren’t the only one’ often serves to offer comfort and strength.

For Rebekah, the measure of how good any development session is, comes down to – what you end up doing after the session is over. So, these sessions are about practical application; what you do when you are back at your desk, in your next meeting or with your team – where ever possible Rebekah will provide you with things you can use, do or try.

Who is this session for?

This session is aimed towards Midwifes who manage or oversee teams (Band 6 and above)

Book your Place:

Book a place via our RSVP booking system above. You will receive the joining instructions for the event 1 week before the session.

Additional follow up session:

As a continuation of this session we are also offering the opportunity to attend the following Leadership development sessions that focus on;

Leadership Session 1: Why should anyone be led by you?

Leadership Session 2: Psychological Safety in Teams

Leadership Session 3: Hope, Passion and Purpose to keep with it

Confidence, Connection and Gravitas

Please visit the page to book onto these sessions

SELA will retain a record of your name, job role, organisation, band, and contact details on its secure alumni register and contacts database for management information and communications purposes. Although we will be able to see your name and email address upon submission, this data will be anonymised from the EDI details. We appreciate your support in providing this information, which will help us to ensure our leadership development interventions are widely accessible and inclusive.

Your booking details (i.e. name, role, organisation, ICS) will be shared with the event provider and/or facilitator to allow them to understand participant thinking and adapt the event accordingly, in addition to other regional leadership academies (as required) and with the members of other relevant SELA networks to aid communication, sharing of good practice and support. Please note that this is in line with information governance and data protection guidelines. Please see our Privacy Policy here.

Should you have any queries, or if your circumstances change and you can no longer attend, or you wish to opt out of the above arrangements, please contact [email protected].

The session will be virtually on Zoom

About the Facilitator

Rebekah is an experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist, with more than 18 years’ experience working with individuals, teams and organisations.

Rebekah is passionate about helping people realise their full potential. With her team of practitioners Rebekah provides a range of learning opportunities that hone and harness the skills, expertise and abilities of people to meet the situations and challenges they face at work.

Rebekah started her career in Primary Care and now works exclusively with the NHS. She currently delivers a range of bespoke interventions across GP Practices, PCNs, ICBs/ICS and secondary care. Rebekah is at the forefront of the provision of leadership, culture and team development for clinicians and managers and believes that understanding the context, culture and impact of now is vital l in supporting people to get through the challenge of now. All her work is grounded in the science of psychology but she focuses on how to apply that knowledge and learning in a practical and lived way.