Leadership Dispatch – 16 June

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Welcome to our June edition of the Leadership Dispatch. 

Many of you will have had the opportunity to read the Messenger Review of Leadership in health and social care, published last week. This is a welcome and important review which highlights the importance of leadership across the health service, recognising that there are many examples of fantastic leadership happening every day.

The report also acknowledges the responsibility of leaders at all levels to lead inclusively in order to achieve fair outcomes for both staff and patients. Together, with key partners, we are now considering the recommendations set out in the report.

Many of our planned offers align closely with the recommendations from the Messenger review. We have been working to create a core curriculum of masterclasses and e-learning modules focused on developing compassionate and inclusive leadership skills in all our managers, these are due to be launched soon with delivery dates in September.   The new South East Leadership Learning Zone (LLZ) (see below) also focuses on building core management and leadership skills.

Our focus on building a system leadership mindset and supporting collaborative behaviours can be seen through the National Foundations in Systems Leadership programme and we are continuing to develop and curate regional offers in this space to launch soon.

We continue to work closely with our regional Talent and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion colleagues, and now are collaborating with other regional academies to ensure we are creating maximum impact and reach for our staff.

Please read our calendar of events that showcases our full range of offers, in addition below are some specific initiatives that we would like to draw your attention to this month.

South East Leadership Academy Launches the ‘Leadership Learning Zone’

We are excited to announce that we have now launched the South East Leadership Learning Zone (LLZ) – a flexible e-learning resource that takes a learner on an interactive exploration of key areas of leadership development.

LLZ was developed by Leadership subject matter experts who develop and deliver a range of quality learning interventions for health and social care and public sector organisations. The resources are based on years of leadership experience from citizens, clinicians, managers and other staff who are delivering vital services. All resources are peer-reviewed ensuring a quality product. LLZ has 22 Modules, with plans for more to be added, with interactive activities to support the leadership journey of learners with relevant, bite-sized modules. It was developed in a  way that ensures that learners who may only have limited time available can repeatedly return to the site and complete their learning in a truly flexible way.

Who is this for?

This fantastic resource is available to all Leaders across the South East, and equally relevant to learners who are just starting in their careers as well as experienced managers who want to consolidate their leadership capabilities.

Available Modules

Coaching skillsManaging through change
Influencing stakeholdersEffective communication
Talent managementSystems leadership
Time managementImposter syndrome
Stress managementResilience
Introduction to leadershipUnconscious bias
Understanding yourselfEquality and diversity
Managing peopleInterview skills
How to give feedbackAction learning set
Appreciative enquiry
LLZ Modules

More information

For more information on the LLZ, please visit our website here – https://se.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/leadership-learning-zone/

Foundations in Systems Leadership

Foundations in System Leadership; Collaborating for Health and Care, is open to all colleagues working in health, care, local authorities and voluntary sector partnerships, who have a desire to improve the way they collaborate across organisational, professional and hierarchical boundaries to design and deliver better health outcomes for the communities they serve.

NHS Leadership Academy Apprenticeships

The NHS Leadership Academy are working with education providers to provide access to their leadership development programmes as part of apprenticeships, in line with the People Plan. The aim is to help widen access to leadership development whilst further enabling the health and social care sector to fully utilise the levy and apprenticeships for recruitment and development.  This link highlights the different apprenticeships available and planned to launch with NHS Leadership Academy programmes included with them and who to contact for further information. If you are interested in an apprenticeship, please access the information on this webpage, which outlines how the apprenticeship is structured, what it covers and the application process.  To ensure access to funding and approval to process the application, you need to speak to your own apprenticeship and or leadership  lead in your own organisation.

We thank you for everything you have done over these past months and look forward to continuing to work with you, do feel free to get in touch with our team by contacting us via [email protected]

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