Leadership Dispatch – 12 May

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Welcome to our May edition of the Leadership Dispatch. 

Welcome to our May Leadership Dispatch.  We have been focusing on developing our offers for this coming year, working closely with our colleagues in organisations and in our ICS’s to ensure we are meeting the needs of our managers and leaders as they support their teams, organisations and systems with the ongoing challenges of delivering services today whilst transforming care for tomorrow.

We await the publication of the Messenger Review of health and social care leadership which is expected very soon and will be ensuring we have capacity to address any recommendations which flow from this.  Building this capacity in has led us to really sharpen our focus for this year on some key priorities for Leadership and Lifelong Learning, and how we work closely with our colleagues in the Talent Management team too to ensure our offers are joined up and navigable.

Our key regional areas will be to continue our work on building diverse talent pipelines so that our leaders and managers are more representative of the communities they serve, and feel supported and visible when taking their next career step.  We will also be working to support our systems as they build the capability of their leaders to address inequalities, improve the health of their populations and work in a more integrated way with colleagues in social care and the voluntary sector.  Finally, we will continue to provide CPD opportunities for all leaders and managers to work on developing a truly compassionate and inclusive culture as we know that this supports retaining our staff and also the delivery of better care for our patients and citizens.

Please read our calendar of events that showcases our full range of offers, below are some specific initiatives that we would like to draw your attention to this month.

We believe in the power of partnerships in all of our work and so will be building stronger connections, deeper relationships and co-production with all of our local organisational and system leadership and OD leads, with this in mind we are establishing the South East Leadership Academy OD Innovation Network. We are running a series of listening and engagement events that can be signed up to here, with our first event being held on the 20th July 2022 – 1.30 – 4.30pm

We continue to hold offers that focus on both the health and wellbeing of staff, and offers that recognise the importance of the role of line managers including the ability to lead during challenging times and exploring workplace conflict through mediation.  In addition our coaching and mentoring support to line managers and staff is significant and we have extended our Bitesize Coaching offer providing colleagues with the opportunity to process experiences, develop coping skills and explore strategies to navigate challenging circumstances. If you or a member of your team needs time and space to process experiences, develop coping skills and explore strategies to navigate challenging circumstances please sign up to access this offer.

e-CLiP: Our colleagues from HEE have launched a new cohort of their highly acclaimed 12 month leadership programme designed specifically for SAS doctors and HST/Registrars. Further information is included in the flyer here

Systems Convening: This workshop is intended for you if your work involves convening people across boundaries and silos, under whatever role or name it is done. The goal of this workshop is to help you think through and plan your strategy for dealing with your project in its broader context of often-competing initiatives, perspectives, expectations, and politics.

We thank you for everything you have done over these past months and look forward to continuing to work with you, do feel free get in touch with our team by contacting us via [email protected]

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