Leadership Dispatch – 12 January 2023

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Welcome to our January edition of the Leadership Dispatch.

Introduction By Alastair Boothroyd

Hello and welcome to the first South East Leadership Academy Dispatch of 2023.

We hope you have all had a chance to take some time over the holiday period to be with family and friends and get some rest to recoup and energise, at a time that is seeing increasing pressures on our NHS across the country. Looking back at 2022, it was another busy year, with the formal introduction of the ICSs across the country, and the associated Integrated Care Boards, all at a time of recovery from the pandemic.

Looking forward to 2023, while we continue to experience significant operational pressures, demands of a safe winter and ongoing workforce pressures, we continue to offer programmes aimed at supporting and developing you in these challenging times, from Leadership Espressos focussing on mental health to workshops on Self and resilience, amongst our offers.

In December 2022, NHS England (NHSE) released its 2023/24 priorities and operational planning guidance, outlining three priority areas for our services: to recover core productivity; progress the aspirations in the Long Term Plan; and transform the health and care system for the future. All of which will feed into our focus for the forthcoming year.

A few highlights include:

Developing Recruitment: Identifying Talent

Wednesday 18 January 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

These sessions are an opportunity to exchange knowledge not only about what you are doing and changes you may be making but also about what isn’t happening or being done as well as it should. Most importantly we want to be able to move into a space where informed action is deployed that will support a more inclusive workforce.

Building a Coaching Culture

Monday 30 January 11:00 am – 2:00 pm (session 1 of 8)

This is an excellent introduction for those new to coaching and development for those with experience. Designed to enable you to develop practical coaching skills, the programme will give you a solid skills-base to hold coaching conversations within your role as a manager and help to embed a coaching style of leadership within the culture of your team/organisation.

NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS)

As some of you may know, NHS GMTS celebrated moving to 2nd place in the Times Top 100 Graduate Schemes 2022, which is a huge achievement. We are now looking to 2023 and have launched the assurance process for organisations to apply to host trainees in September 2023. For full details, please read the NHS GMTS Assurance Guidance prior to completing and submitting the GMTS Host Application Form. If required, the password for the guidance is GMTS2022. The deadline to submit applications to host is 3rd February 2023. For any GMTS queries, please contact us at [email protected].

Leading transformation for integrated care

Colleagues working in health, social care and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector are welcome to join us for our new series of 90-minute, virtual sessions. Based on insights and experience drawn from work with a number of Integrated Care Systems across England these sessions will explore what partnership working looks like across teams and organisations. There are various sessions from January to March, with a couple in April. Sessions included in this programme include;

  1. Who leads in a System
  2. Improving the health of our local communities – It’s everybody’s business
  3. Leading alongside your local communities
  4. Rethinking recovery – a systems perspective
  5. Collaborating within your neighbourhood/place
  6. System Workforce Innovation
    1. Humanising the Machine
    2. Collaboratives – Developing new ways of Working

Talking Systems –  rethinking metrics in light of systems working and complexity

This will be an interactive session  with Dr. Maria Kordowicz,  in which participants will be able to explore the challenges and opportunities of metrics-based evidence within a complex system. The session aims to propose alternative approaches to data generation and the use of evidence in planning and decision-making. Inclusive and participatory methods will be discussed as a means of understanding complexity and community needs.

Leadership Espresso-influencing without formal authority

A two hour workshop to explore issues related to leading without authority including key challenges in influencing beyond your sphere of authority.  It looks at ways to use your power and influence, explore the differences between leading in a hierarchical context and influencing across teams and wider networks,  as well as considering which aspects of work are best achieved through a conventional management approach or a more networked approach and/or formal and informal approaches  to leading.

System convening masterclass

This masterclass is for people who are involved in complex initiatives and are looking for tools and perspectives for making a difference across multiple boundaries or silos of practice, institutions and geography. The goal is to help you think through a strategy for dealing with your project in its broader context of often-competing initiatives, perspectives, expectations and politics.

Population health through community development: Maximising the impact of anchor institutions  

At this half-day event, we will start to explore the link between community involvement, local economic development, and population health – with a particular emphasis on shifting our thinking and practice in terms of our workforce challenges. The event will give us the opportunity to consider topics such as genuinely hearing the voice of our populations and reconsidering our recruitment practices to create a more local focus through the use of our status as anchor institutions.

Please do have a look below at all our offers and book onto any offers that are of interest.

If you have any questions or would like to chat through any of the above, do feel free to get in touch with our team by contacting us via [email protected].

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