South East Leadership Academy

Systems Learning into Practice – Leading Transformation Series

The Systems Learning into Practice sessions are designed to build on the Leading Transformation masterclass series that ran last year. These masterclasses covered a wide range of content, concepts, tools, and frameworks. The resources and video recordings from these sessions are available to access on the NHS Future platform.

Each Systems Learning into Practice session will offer 60 minutes in small, facilitated peer groups of around 8 people designed to take this work deeper and apply it to your context.

These deep-dive sessions will:

  • Stimulate core inquiry questions linked to the Leading Transformation resources
  • Convene a protected space for deep reflection together
  • Focus on translating ideas and insights into everyday leadership behaviour, practice and action.
  • Create an in-depth peer learning community enabling self-directed exploration, curiosity learning and discovery.

Who the sessions are aimed at:

These sessions are aimed at Senior leaders, band 8b and above working on ICS / collaborative across agency work. In particular those who attended the original workshops with Tricordant as this builds on that introduction adaptive systems in a safe space.

If you didn’t attend the introductory sessions you will receive an invitation to join the NHS Future Platform as you need to access the resources prior participating in the sessions below.

Session topics and how to book:

You can choose from 10 sessions and each session will be offered twice, on different dates, and will be delivered via Zoom.

Session Topic Dates:
What Matters to Us? How will I deepen and broaden my practice in building a shared purpose?    
Creating Conditions for Others to Flourishhow could I extend my leadership practice further?    
Agreeing and Holding Mutual Expectations: what more could I do to refine my approach to shared expectations?    
Conversing with Compassion and Candour: how might I refine this balance in my collaborative dialogue and interactions?    
Embracing Multiple Perspectives: how could I stretch my repertoire of skills in working with diverse voices and experiences?    
Finding and Sharing Power: where in my work are opportunities to influence differently?    
Being a Trusted Partner: how could I nurture collaborative relationships even more?     

Leaning into Discomfort: what does this mean in my everyday work, to underpin effective collaboration?    

Intentional CoCreating: how could I further develop my skills repertoire to support cocreation and coproduction?    
Working Jointly as an Ally: where in my practice are the opportunities to refine my allyship approach further?    

About the facilitator, Jeanne Hardacre: 

The sessions will be facilitated by Dr Jeanne Hardacre, Founding Director of Impact4Health (, which is a specialist leadership, OD and culture change consultancy.

Among a wide range of NHS teams, Jeanne is supporting several primary care practices, PCNs and practice manager forums with their leadership in a virtual context.