Regional Programmes

We are currently running the following programmes, although the applications for these are no longer open.
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Supporting you to build influence, confidence and impact

Aimed at Emerging Leaders, this programme will explore different aspects of influence, confidence and impact. Providing line managers with a basis for the behaviours and actions that will support them to feel and understand their own power, their effect and presence within their role. Providing them with dynamic tools and techniques to take back into the working environment. The modules focus on;

  • Influencing without authority
  • Building confidence in workplace settings and meetings
  • Building and understanding resilience
  • How to create your own confidence, impact and gravitas

Growing Your Workforce

We know that recruiting and retaining talent is becoming more competitive, how can we as leaders work to retain our current workforce and inclusively support them to progress within the NHS. We believe it is critical for line managers and leaders to recognise that they are part of a bigger system, to develop the skills and confidence to build their team, maximise retention, and grow talent. They also need to recognise where their organisation is responsible and areas where they may not be able to influence.

Aimed at Emerging Leaders, this programme will give you the line management tools and techniques, combined with the leadership skills and behaviours to support you to grow and build your workforce with inclusion and compassion at the centre. Providing you with dynamic tools and techniques to take back into the working environment. The modules focus on;

  • Debiasing your workforce processes within the context of your environment
  • Critical conversations
  • Career development and retention

Supporting you with meaningful mediation skills

An applied programme of support with workplace conflict

The South East Leadership Academy are pleased to introduce a new learning programme; Supporting you with Meaningful Mediation Skills, which provides you with an opportunity to explore and apply a range of approaches in the management and resolution of workplace conflict. Conflict at work can be stressful, time consuming and disruptive for those directly involved and also those within the team and / or department who are indirectly involved. Responding to conflict when it arises and addressing the root cause at the earliest opportunity can reduce how wide reaching and entrenched the conflict becomes and help to limit the negative residual impact that can often ripple through a team.

Mediation is about working with employees’ central to the conflict situation, to help them understand the key issues, determine possible solutions and how to move forward beyond the conflict.

These sessions focus on the skill of mediation and will provide time for you to learn new tools and techniques to support yourself and your teams in addressing conflict. This programme is designed to refresh and refine your skills in how to respond or facilitate the resolution of conflict in the workplace.

Succeeding at Interviews

Being offered an interview can be exciting, but also can feel quite daunting. Gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive in an interview situation. This one-day workshop equips women of all professional backgrounds with the practical tools and self-belief to do themselves justice at interviews – no matter what questions they are asked.

offered as part of the Black and ethnic minority Women’s Leadership Development Programme

BAME Coaching Programme

This programme is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities to facilitate the improvement of patient care through the development of people and this will be delivered virtually. The programme is delivered by HumanTechnics and accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management. Successful participants who pass submission at the end of the programme will receive a certificate of Accreditation, which will detail that this is an equivalent to ILM 5.

Mary Seacole Local Facilitator Programme

An opportunity to become a Mary Seacole Programme Facilitator and to help local NHS organisation and systems develop future NHS leaders by delivering a high-quality nationally recognised programme.

The Power of Coaching Techniques Programme

This is an introduction to coaching and skills you can use to support your Primary Care Network Development. The programme will reflect on the rapid changes COVID has bought about the way we work and designed to equip primary care staff with the understanding, tools, and skills that using a coaching approach can bring to support your Primary Care Network (PCN) to develop and evolve.