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Patient and Citizen Leadership

Reaching Out & Effective Patient Leader Programmes – APPLICATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED

The Reaching Out Programme is aimed at all staff working within Health & Social Care that have a responsibility for patient engagement and/or experience. This includes all areas of the NHS, Local Authority, Charities and any other staff from Arms Length Bodies (ALBs) that have this responsibility. The Effective Patient Leadership Programme is designed for Patients, Carers and Lay members. Both programmes provide a safe space to meet likeminded individuals who are seeking to improve patient care and share ideas and benefit from peer mentoring, as well as hear from inspiring leaders in the area and what they have achieved.

Our facilitators, Lis Paice, Lisa Anderton and Mandy Dunn, have previously facilitated these two very successful programmes several times within the South East. On the last occasion we launched the bringing of the two programmes together for some sessions. Participants from both groups were enthusiastic about the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas and perspectives. Given this very positive feedback we are repeating the approach.

The programmes will be delivered remotely by Microsoft Teams over weekly sessions and one follow up session. Each session builds on the one before therefore participants should plan to attend all sessions listed below. While the first sessions for Reaching Out and Effective Patient Leadership will be held separately, the remaining sessions will see both groups combined.  

Reaching Out:
For staff responsible for patient engagement

Please see attached flyer for further details
Effective Patient Leader:
For Patients, Carers and Lay members

Please see attached flyer for further details