GMTS – How do we get involved?

Any NHS organisation can apply to host a trainee as a Lead Organisation. A lead organisation is the primary organisation / system which on behalf of themselves and the partner organisation(s) is responsible for sourcing the second placement and to ensure all placements provide the best opportunities for the trainee.
The lead host organisation generally will be the first placement, however this is not mandatory.

It is also possible, and actively encouraged, for lead organisations to work across the system to provide experiences in other areas, for example Primary Care. The trainee should gain experience in both an operational setting as well as strategic, and this is usually reflected in the individual placements offered.

Applications to host a trainee for the September 2022 cohort have now closed. If you are interested in hosting a trainee for September 2023, please complete our Expression of Interest Form. We aim to be in touch with further details and information of upcoming engagement events later in the year.

The financial aspects

The total contribution from the organisation / system hosting a trainee is £24,000 for each trainee’s two-year training period.

For further information

If you are interested in becoming a host or you would like further information, please contact Alastair Boothroyd, Alexcis Humphreys or Emily Burden at [email protected]