Black History Month October 2021

This year we will be celebrating black history month through a series of coordinated activities and events. The National EDI team are hosting a ‘Race Ahead– NHS Big Conversation on Race’ throughout October.

It will take the form of a series of activities which will align with the ‘Proud to be…’ theme for this year’s Black History Month as this illustrates one of the People Plan pillars “Belonging in the NHS”. These activities will focus on how we can work together to better support our black and minority ethnic staff, improve their daily workplace experiences and advance racial equity. It will reflect our NHS People Promise, which challenges us all to make the NHS a better place to work, and the NHS People Plan priority of building an inclusive and compassionate culture in the NHS. 

Take a moment to listen to our colleagues from across the South East exploring the theme of identity and me as part of Black history month 2021.  

Black History Month – Week 1: Cavita Chapman – Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of NHS England and NHS Improvement; Yasmin Mahmood – Senior Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programme of NHS England and NHS Improvement; ; Caroline Reid – Regional Director of Commissioning of NHS England and NHS; David Radbourne – Regional Director of Strategy and Transformation of NHS England and NHS Improvement; Elsy Gomez Campos – Workforce, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead of Kent Community Health NHS FT; Hadin Sesay – Health and Social Care Practitioner of NHS England and NHS Improvement

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Identity and me

Week 2 – Leadership that makes a difference

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Aim: To engage leaders at all levels in a conversation about how they might build upon existing good practice and embody their leadership roles in ways that make a positive difference for BME staff.

Week 3 – Understanding racial lived experience: implications for staff health and wellbeing

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Aim: Improving leaders understanding of the impact of race and racism in the everyday experiences of their staff.

Week 4 – NHS Race Equality Strategy – a call to action

Aim: For the system to own this call for action for sustainable and transformational change to benefit BME staff.